ULFA rubbishes Media reports which stated Paresh Baruah injured in gunfight

Paresh Baruah

By- Correspondent | Date- September 11, 2011

Rubbishing the media reports that ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah has been injured in a gun fight between the rebels and the Burmese Army at Myanmar, the hardliner faction of United Liberation Front of Asom today stated that all their camps, cadres and leaders in East Nagaland are safe.

In a press release sent by the publicity chief of the hardliner ULFA group, Arunudoy Dahotiya alleged that this was just a conspiracy and propaganda to morally demolish the “Freedom seeking” people of Assam. ULFA claimed that they had learnt a good lesson during the 2003 Bhutan war where insurgents from Northeast residing in Bhutan jungles were flushed out by the royal Bhutan army with collaboration from Indian Army and also that the people of Myanmar are good friends of the outfit. The press release also vowed not to “lower their head” in front of the “enemies” and that their leaders are mentally prepared to take on the enemies at any given time.

Mentionable that just a day back, the outfit had sent an email press release which included Paresh Baruah’s recent photograph claiming that Indian Government has paid a special economic package worth as high as 20,000 crores to flush out the rebel camps of ULFA and other insurgent groups of North East in Burmese soil. In addition, the outfit claimed that Government of India has also made a promise Rs 1000 crore more if Paresh Baruah can be killed within September of this year.

The Myanmar Army has launched an all round attack on ULFA as well as other rebel bases situated at their country. This launch is expected to put pressure on Paresh Baruah to come to the negotiation table without the demand of sovereignty, for which he has been so far adamant with.

There were reports published in several media that Paresh Baruah has been shot in the offense launched by Myanmar Army.

The government stated that it has no information on media reports about the firing on ULFA leader Paresh Baruah and his injury in the jungles of western Myanmar. “We have no information this”, claimed Union Home Secretary R K Singh when asked about reports on the incident.

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ULFA rubbishes Media reports which stated Paresh Baruah injured in gunfight

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 6 min