ULFA[I] also denies GoI claims – Big lie to boost moral of Army

In a press release sent to Times of Assam – Assistant Publicity Secretary of ULFA[I], Captain Arunodoy Asom, who also holds Publicity of joint NE outfit UNLFW – denied about news of Indian Army’s attack against militant in Myanmar.

Captain Arunodoy Asom said, “The news of attack in Myanmar is nothing but a blatant lie of the GoI and a weak practice to boost the moral of the Indian Occupational Force.”

The ULFA[I] leader also said that the Indian Army is in fear of ambush everywhere and this fear made an impact on their ration carriage too.

Quoting about the situation going on Indian Army personnel posted in NE state borders, Captain Arunodoy Asom also said, “All ration routes to their border post has been stopped by themselves, fear of ambush. They are supplying through the air. Almost all the Camps posted on border use to fire more than 1000 rounds of bullet in the air every evening just because of fears.”

Meanwhile, the Myanmar Govt official also denied GoI’s claim on yesterday.

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