Bangladesh General Election – Military ruling on the run


Though the upcoming general election in Bangladesh is announced to be held on December 23rd, uncertainty is grown about the holding of the election. Rivalry amongst the two main political parties and ruling party’s desire of staying in power indefinitely has put the threat of Bangladesh’s democracy. Awami League is trying to take advantage by manipulating the general election though it has a bad image of being an Islamic fundamentalist inclined pro-Iran corrupt regime. There even are speculations of a military takeover. The current political situation of Bangladesh has become a threat to its own democracy as its upcoming General election is going to be manipulated by using civil-military administration. The Awami League is trying to take advantage in the general election, despite it’s corrupt, Islamic fundamentalism and pro-Iran reputation.

Worth to mention that the existing Chief Election Commission (CEC) in Bangladesh, K. M. Nurul Huda is an enrolled member of the ruling party. On the other hand, Lt. Gen. Aziz Ahmed, Chief of Bangladesh Army is a corrupt officer, who made billions of Bangladesh Taka when he was the Director General of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). The irony is that three of the brothers of Gen Aziz Ahmed are listed as terrorists. One of his brothers, Tofael Ahmed Joseph, who was released from the prison under Presidential clemency, is expected to flee Bangladesh at any time while two others are already residing in the West. The most amazing fact is that the entire family of Gen. Aziz Ahmed is a diehard follower of ruling Awami League and Sheikh Hasina.

It is clear to understand that no one can expect a neutral stand from the CEC. There is a hint of manipulation in the election process as Nurul Huda himself is loyal to the ruling party. Experts are also talking about a possible military takeover before the election day.

Simultaneously the Bangladesh Nationalist Party(BNP) has decided to join the election. But the BNP has been facing a serious vacuum of the leader as their Chairperson Khaleda Zia has been serving imprisonment in multiple corruption cases. In the present situation, the biggest challenge for the BNP is to find an eligible candidate for the chair of the next Prime Minister. Some Bangladeshi newspapers are projecting Dr. Kamal Hussain as the next possible candidate while some other analysts are giving priority to Dr. Jafar Ullah, Fakhrul Islam Alamgir or the Jatiya Oikya Prokriya leader Mahmudur Rahman Manna.

Ruling Awami League wants to hold a fake general election similar to that of January 5, 2014, as any real election would bring a humiliating result for them. The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), its alliance partners and Jatiyo Oikya Prokriya though are putting pressure on the Election Commission for holding a free, fair and transparent election. Analysts say, without the help from the Trump administration, BNP and other opposition parties cannot expect an election which would be free from manipulation.

Though many experts said that the West including US government is going to put pressure on the ruling party in Bangladesh to hold a free and fair election, until now, those Trump administration is showing zero interest about Bangladesh election as it considers Awami League and BNP to be “heavily inclined” towards “radical Islam”. Neighboring China also wants a fair election in Bangladesh. Another important neighboring nation India is not going to support Awami League in the upcoming election as their helping hands towards the Bangladesh ruling party had already been exposed.

Ground reports indicate that overall situation is against Awami League as it has already earned the ill reputation of a corrupt, Islamist, pro-Iran and anti-US party. So the ruling party will try everything to save them from slipping from power, which would affect Bangladesh’s democracy.

In an exclusive interview to Times of Assam’s UK based special correspondence at Cleveland, a sitting Bangladeshi General has leaked several top secrets about Awami League-led government.
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Bangladesh General Election – Military ruling on the run

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