Road agitation culture in Bangladesh


Bangladesh has a long history of road agitation. The people of this soil have saved their mother language from the aggression of another language by the agitation. Even then, established a country to establish democracy; all have achieved through road agitation. So to achieve any thing, agitation is a well known system in Bangladesh. Agitation and violence have a correlation; if people come to the road for agitation then somehow violence happens!

In Bangladesh, garments sector is the most wage earner sector. Bangladesh is now second in position in the world in exports garments items. More than five million people directly work in this sector. Its four millions are female. Not only that, this sector is rising day by day. Still the people of Bangladesh have to see that, the workers of the many garments factories have come out on the road from the factories in favor of their demands. Not only they come on the road but also they vandalize the factory where they work. Even they vandalize cars, buses whatever they get on the road. In the same way every professionals come out to the road on any demands. If any one analyzes the psychology of Bangladeshi, they will find most of people think that, it is better to go for agitation to get something from the government and the owner. People could not come out from this psychology.

Now days, a change also has come. Some people show their demand by making a peace full human chain on the road. Though they come on the road but they show a peace full manner. But majority is in the rough agitation on the road and a new phenomenon has developed in Bangladesh that, university teachers are going to achieve their goal through agitation with the hostage of their students. It is basically a new phenomenon in Bangladesh.

The most famous technological university of Bangladesh and one of the prestigious universities of Bangladesh are now in this threat. Group of teachers of both the universities have hostage all the common teachers and students. It is very dangerous for a country if university teachers want to settle their academic matter through agitation!

The people of Bangladesh know that, university teachers of Bangladesh are now very much politicizes. Even a group of teachers are the members of terrorist groups now. So they do many things according to their goal. But it is also reality that, their way of agitation is the backlash of the historical way of agitation in this country.

So now it is the high time for the people of Bangladesh, to think about their way of agitation because their university teachers have chosen to settle their academic matter through the agitation way. University teachers are one of the sophisticated groups of the society; if they do so then it is a bad indication for any society. That is why the country and the people of the country have to think deeply. They have to think that, they did many things by the way of agitation when they were under the colonial rule or military rule. But now they are the citizen of a sovereign country and member of a democratic society. So they have to build up many democratic norms and they have to pull out from throw stone against culture.

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Road agitation culture in Bangladesh

By: Swadesh Roy Read time: 9 min