Scene behind the movement of Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University

It was couple of months before, a teacher of Jahangirnagar University was chatting with his friends about the fate of the movement of their university. Summary of his total conversation was that, he is not concerned about the failure or success of the movement of Jahangirnagar University. He is concerned about his own fate. He was very much satisfied that, he has done a lot for his party BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist party); because present government has a cosmic majority, BNP cannot stand in the street, in that situation he has put on a candle in Jahangirnagar University in support of BNP. So he hopes that, BNP will give reward to him if they come to power in the next tenure. But he was a little bit worried about getting his reward because there is an example in front of him. He also mentions that, it is not unlucky; his fate may be like professor Matin of his university. He had seen that, in the regime of Jamat – BNP, professor Matin did his level best to up hold the flag of Awami league in Jahangirnagar University. But Awami league did not reward professor Matin.

But according to his opinion Awami league should have rewarded professor Matin as a vice chancellor. Then one of his friends said, do you think BNP will do in place of you, like Awami league? They will not recognize your sacrifice! Will they not appoint you as a vice- Chancellor of Jahangirnagar University? Their conversation makes it clear that, the BNP leaning professor was in the movement or he had created a movement to get a reward in future from BNP. He wants to be a vice- Chancellor through his agitating activities, not by his academic quality. Another thing becomes clear from their conversation that, those teachers who are Awami league leaning were in the movement; they came to the movement or built-up a movement for their grievance because they are not rewarded by the ruling party.

It is one of the scenarios of the BNP and Awami league leaning teachers who were in the movement of Jahangirnagar University. On the other hand, people have seen that, Jamat-e-Islami leaning teachers and some cultural workers were in that movement. Those cultural workers claimed that, they are a branch of Sammilito Sanskritik Jote but the president and the general secretary of the Jote disowned them at last. News was published in some newspapers that, those cultural workers are the workers of Jamat-e-Islami. Reality is that, Jamat-e-Islami are trying now to destabilize the country so they are taking all the opportunity, where they get any chance. So now they involve in arson in the car on the road before any strike, they involve in arson in the minority community house without any reason, they are involved in destabilize garment sector. They also did same thing in Jahangirnagar University. But Awami league leaning aggrieved teachers were with this Jamat-e- Islami. Some teachers then told that, ` they are doing this for the education of the student and good circumstances of the University.

Besides that, the past Vice-Chancellor made some mistakes. But it is true, students were not happy at the time of the movement of Jahangirnagar University. I got a chance to talk many students of that university. Their opinion was that, they are the victim of some teacher’s personal expectations. They were not happy about the movement and the strike. We all know that, student of now a days are very much concerned about their future and career. They are very much cautious about time management of their life; because they know present world is a very much fast world. The world is also the world of the young. On the other hand they have to compete not only in the country but also have to compete in the world. World is now a global village. So they never want to destroy their time without any means. They have no much time in their life to spend without any reason. That’s why they were unhappy with the movement of the teachers. However Prime Minister dealt with it wisely. She appointed a renowned teacher as a Vice- Chancellor in Jahangirnagar University. After this appointment I got chance to talk with many students of that university. I can understand that, they are proud to get as a Vice- Chancellor like Professor Dr. Anwar Hossain. I had talked with such a student of that university that, he is so much interested to know about the family history of Dr. Anwar and contribution of that family in our freedom fight. After listening to that, the boy told me now it is their pride because Dr. Anwar Hossain is their VC. One of the moderate BNP leaning teacher also said that, they are very happy with their VC, because he is not only a good teacher but also as a VC he maintains justice.

One thing is clear that, Dr. Anwar is the only government appointed VC who declares the VC panel election within one month after getting appointment. We know that, the present government appointed more VC after taking power. They have passed already three years but they did not follow the 1974 act of the university. There are many news that says, teachers and the syndicate members of those university are not happy with this. But those Vice Chancellors are not bothering it. They are running the university having been unelected VC. For this matter not only the teachers and syndicate members but also the common people are not happy. Common people want more democracy from the university teachers. Dr. Anwar has upheld the expectation of the common people and he has shown the respect to the law.

But what do we see in the Jahangirnagar University now? Those teachers who built movement demanding the VC panel election are now against the VC panel election in Jahangirnagar University. They are trying to upsurge a movement against VC panel election. It is very unclear why they are doing this? Are they against democratic system?

Public universities run by the money of the common people. Besides that, the history of the public university is glorious in our freedom struggle and democratic struggle. So, people want that the teachers and the students of the public university should have a responsibility to uphold democracy. They will not do anything for their own interest.

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Scene behind the movement of Jahangirnagar University

By: Swadesh Roy Read time: 18 min