TIMES OF ASSAM Review on RAMDHENU Assamese Cinema

By- Kabir Shankar

People of Assam for last many years was waiting for a movie which can cause a thunder like Joubone Amoni Kore did. But each time an Assamese movie got released, either it was very badly made or was very dark arty type, which failed to bring in audiences and whoever goes in to the theater, comes out disappointed. Then in 2010, NewsLive and Rang announced that they are going to produce a movie, for which they roped in ace Story Writer and Director Munin Barua.

Now when the name of Munin Barua is mentioned, by his reputation everyone expects a good story which will be well told and he didn’t disappoint this time too.

Firstly, the script of Raamdhenu is one of the toughest. At first it seems an easy story being told, but if observed in depth, any script-writer will realize how tough to write such script. Every 15 mins it was like a new chapter being unfold. I personally feel, if any wannabe scriptwriter wants to learn how to write script should see this movie 4-5 times to understand how a complicated story should be beautifully unfolded, which in the present scenario only someone like Munin Barua’s caliber can do. Its not a childsplay to make audience sit for two and half hours and make them guess whats gonna happen next in a social story.

Secondly, Direction of the movie was spot on. The inter cuts between the scene is marvelously executed, something he has been doing continuously in most of his movies. the credit also goes to the director if he is able to hide the flaws in the movie in terms of actors performance, cinematography etc. The difference between Munin Barua’s other movie and Raamdhenu is, now Raamdhenu got style with good use of slow motion and character introduction.

Prastuti Parashar- Clap..!!Clap..!!Clap..!! Prastuti Parashar’s performance was the best till date. She looked and her body language was beautifully maintained throughout the movie. One known as the sizzler on big screen gave a surprised performance. Through her performance once can see the range and her dedication towards the art of acting. Not once it was felt that she is not Mandira. Many a times played screen couple with Jatin Bora,but here it realy seemed she was elder to Jatin Bora. A big Bow to you Prastuti…

Jatin Bora- Perhaps one of the finest actors in Assam till date.Comic timing and serious performance is spot on and in perfect balance. A new actor should learn how to act from actors like Jatin Bora. But there is a big problem with him. The thing is if someone from other film industry ask me ” Who is the best and the top actor in Assamese Film Industry?” and my answer to that will be “Jatin Bora”, and when that guy looks at Jatin, he will see a fat, pot-bellied actor with no jaw line and no control over the waistline. This is absolutely no-no for an actor, something everyone should learn from Tapan Das. It feels sad to see a very fine and polished actor going the wrong way in terms of physical appearance.

Jayanta Das(Raju)- Bravo..What a performance. Someone please give him an award. Never seen someone doing comedy of such standard. Can easily eat up any actors who shares the same frame.His expression, dialogue delivery, performance, body language is too good. Thanks goes to Munin Barua again, who exploited him in such a nice way. Easily one of the USp of the movie. Hope to see such high standard performance from Jayanta Das.

Bishnu Kharghoria- Always known for his natural performance, but in Raamdhenu his performance was like being on stage. Unnecessarily loud acting where he could have done wonders with a little bit of underplay.Otherwise another fine performance from him.

Bidyut Chakraborty- He is always known for his good acting, but somehow he looked a bit mechanical, as if he couldn’t get involved with the character. The same problem i saw in his VCD movie Abujan Mon. It seems he is low in confidence but still he managed to come out good, otherwise he could have done wonders playing with the character.

Tapan Das- In the entire movie, he is the one who is introduced with style. But the style remained only for two shots.First was in his introduction and the second was near the construction site. Else his character was treated as any other character. His performance can’t be said the best of all but it was good. He looked fresh and maintained himself very well and could give any new actor a run for his money.

Pakeeza Begum also gave a commendable performance, something which we didn’t see from her for a long long time.

Nishita Goswami’s performance was a normal one. In fact the script didn’t provide her enough fodder to perform. But what i liked about her is whatever scope she got she used it well. But she is also suffered from the same problem what Jatin Bora is suffering from. Its the waistline problem. She looked good, she is sensuous and acted well but she also got a larger waistline and she doesn’t fix that soon enough, i must say people will look for someone else who is in perfect shape. I honesty wish she gets back to shape and rule the industry.

Utpal Das, he looks good with the stubble but he is still a bit stiff. His role had more scope to perform than Nishita’s yet he could not grab the opportunity. But the good thing about him is that his stiffness didn’t cause any problem for the movie. In fact, no one can blame him too, coz the performance of Prastuti, Jatin and Jayanta is so high that if any actor under perform even by 5%,will catch the eye of the audience as below par acting. Still he got a long way to go..if he developes a student mentality, it wont be far when he will rule the industry like Jatin is doing now.

Munmi Phukan, the item girl in the song Tupi Tupi. She did a commendable job but lacks the oomph factor, something which Prastuti had. But the question there is no one in the industry who can look hot as an item number as Yana Gupta, Bipasa or Malaika. Still Munmi Job Well done..!!

Sorry i don’t know the name of the actor who got arrested in the raid. His acting is a big disappointment. I felt like watching a mobile theater stage performance with poor dialogue delivery. He finishes every line with a tune which is very common in mobile theater  Tried to find something positive in his performance to write about but sorry, couldn’t find one. The actor who played Nishita’s brother is also a disappointment..acted too loud, body language stiff..should have underplayed and he would have shined.Guess he couldn’t shred his theater acting skills..which is definitely not for silver screen.

Costume is ok.ok.. nothing to speak about..no extraordinary job done

Make up is not good. In the big close up shot of Nishita’s Lips, i could see that she did bleach her face..

The biggest disappointment in the whole is Suman Duarah’s work, the cinematographer. Taking shot in out of focus is the gravest crime a cinematographer can make, and he committed this crime with pride, for which the beauty of Kerala didn’t come out, which mean wastage of money. I don’t understand how can a character’s close up shot can go out of focus. Munin Barua should really look for an alternate cinematographer in his next movie.

Deepak Dey’s choreography is good. He took the song Tupi Tupi to a new level. Set design is also good. But Uday Shankar’s job in the songs Rang Diya is below par..the boat driver in the song was a big distraction in the song. How can a couple romance in front of a lungi clad guy…He was given Jimmy Jib but i only saw three shots using it in the song..

The other USP of the movie is the Music, songs and the background music which is done by Jatin Sharma. Beautiful song, very nicely sang by Angarag Mahanta, Dikshu, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghosal and Zubeen.

Overall, Raamdhenu has got Repeat value for audience, thanks to Munin Barua, Prastuti, Jatin, Jayanta, Deepak and Jatin Sharma.

As an Assamese must thank Pride Entertainment, for supporting such a movie and bringing smile to the people of Assam. Assamese Film Industry needs producer like them to recover from the certain death.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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