Corruption charge against Sonia Gandhi – Subramanian Swamy to move Supreme Court

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, whose efforts had led to the exposure of the million dollars 2G scam, is now going to file a case in the Supreme Court against Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi, seeking permission to prosecute her under the Prevention of Corruption Act. This has been stated by Dr. Swamy in an exclusive interview in a news channel yesterday evening. However, Dr. Swamy did not confirm when he plans to move to Supreme Court against Sonia Gandhi.

Dr. Swamy confirmed he had sent a letter to Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh on 15th April and that he has now received a letter back from the prime minister stating that Dr. Swamy’s accuses are a premature thing and does not find any bases, therefore, to proceed ahead against Ms. Gandhi. Dr. Swamy stated that since three months are over from his letter being sent, he would move to the Supreme Court in the same way he has done against former telecom minister A. Raja, who is behind bars now.

Dr. Swamy had made several allegations against Sonia Gandhi, including the claim that 60% of the 2G scam loot went to her two sisters.

 Dr. Swamy also alleged that Sonia Gandhi has benefited from Bofors, she has benefited from Iraq food for oil deal, she has been the recipient of the payoffs from the Russian KGB and that she has been maintaining secret bank accounts abroad. Dr. Swamy also claimed that Ms. Gandhi is also involved in the illegal export of the antiquities and Naveen Chawla’s wife is involved in the scam too.

He also reminded that the Delhi High Court had earlier issued a notice to the CBI regarding the Bofors scam and that the spokesman of the successor organization of the KGB (FSI) had agreed to have given money to the Gandhi family because the whole family was friendly to them.

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