Bangladesh Election : Sheikh Hasina unmasking her Autocratic face


The present scenario of Bangladesh is not that much more comfortable for current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her cohorts as the world is witnessing her autocratic character. The rise of Islamic terrorism in Bangladesh clearly figures out Sheikh Hasina’s poor performance(hidden support!) against terrorism. Political experts also raised their concern over the Islamic terrorism in Bangladesh that is spreading towards more Asian countries.

The current Indian government is already uncomfortable with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s autocratic ruling as the Bangladesh General Election is nearing. There are clear indications of a humiliating defeat for the Bangladeshi autocrat Sheikh Hasina and her illegitimate government.

China, which has been the third-largest beneficiary after India and Russia from the current autocracy in Bangladesh too are changing their voice. Beijing also realizes the fact that any voter-less election like that of January 5, 2014, which took place in Bangladesh and received instant recognition from China is a mission impossible this time.

Washington is already keeping close eyes on the growth of Islamic terrorism under the regime of Sheikh Hasina. It doesn’t seem that Donald Trump and his administration would consider any illegitimate government in Bangladesh.

The United Kingdom has already started investigating the involvement of the Labour Party’s MP Tulip Rizwana Siddiq into the matter of her connections and involvement in a controversial multi-billion dollar arms purchase deal between Bangladesh and Russia. Tulip went to Moscow in 2013 and met Russian President Vladimir Putin alongside some of the top intelligence officials. She also brokered the 3 percent kickback Russia gave against the arms deal to several family members of this UK Labour Party MP.

The amounts were transferred into secret bank accounts in Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands.

London administration is also investigating Zumana Investment & Properties Limited, a dubious company owned by Tulip Siddiq’s family members. This company was established with a large amount of dirty money smuggled out from Bangladesh by a company named Prochchaya Limited. British police are yet to arrest the members of Zumana Investment & Properties Limited on completion of their investigation.

It is also reported in the media that a large number of leaders of Bangladesh Awami League and the corrupt ruling elites have already appointed lawyers in Canada and several European nations for preparing allocations of political asylum due to Sheikh Hasina’s autocratic ruling.

The trend of fleeing out of Bangladesh has been widely witnessed this year. Uncounted numbers of secret killings, mass arrest, hijacked judiciary, and massive corruption are what Bangladeshis got in return of voting Sheikh Hasina as their Prime Minister.

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Bangladesh Election : Sheikh Hasina unmasking her Autocratic face

By: Brenda Christine Read time: 7 min