Modi’s remark on Rajiv Gandhi – Narendra Modi contradicts his stand against Terrorism


‘Mr. Narendra Modi, wasn’t Rajiv Gandhi a victim of terrorism?’- None asked Modi in regards to his abusive remark on late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The elections in India this term is witnessed with new lows every day with petty and disgusting mud politics. Instead of talking about positive ideas, plans and innovations to make India a better country, both the ruling party leaders, as well as the opposition parties, are only engaged in talking about how bad or worse the other is.

It is well understood that by now both Congress as well as BJP, the two main parties contesting for power this term, has significant insight about how many seats they are likely to win or lose across the countries.

Exit polls, though, prohibited by the Election Commission from being published or broadcast in public till the last voting day, have been conducted and such data would have given insights to party leaders. As such, both Congress and BJP seem to be getting more and more desperate in attracting higher votes for themselves in the remaining phases. In one such development, Prime Minister Modi tried to drum up support from Punjab, where the next phase of voting is due, by inflicting some old but painful memories such as Sikh Riots, Bofors, etc.

However, the way this was done was arguably one of the saddest ways, as the Prime Minister went on to target the dead. He branded Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as ‘Bhrastachari number 1’ in an attack to Rahul Gandhi, son of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Whether Rajiv Gandhi was corrupt or not, is no more a matter of debate as he is no more, but, sadly the current Prime Minister, with his regular attacks on the dead is going down to a new low and most importantly, going against one of the prime election agenda of BJP as well.

Most often, it is widely witnessed that the BJP has always endorsed ‘non-Islamic’ terrorism when it comes to their political propaganda. BJP still endorses Nathuram Godse, the killer of Mahatma Gandhi. Modi, in his scripted election lectures, brought ‘1984 riots’ but doesn’t utters about ‘Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’. Worthless to say that Modi and his BJP never uttered any word about terrorism acts by ‘Nathuram Godse’, ‘Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’ and LTTE, as all of them are non-Islamic terrorists.

One of the main issues that the BJP and Prime Minister Modi have been raised, this election is BJP’s tough and uncompromising stand against cross-border terrorism. However, in the process of mud politics, Modi seems to have forgotten that Rajiv Gandhi, who he is now attacking, he was a victim of Cross border terrorism. Rajiv Gandhi was killed in a terror attack by the LTTE on May 21, 1991. He died as a martyr in terror attacks and by insulting the Indian Prime Minister who was killed in a terror attack 25 years ago, Modi is only showing how opportunistic and uncaring they are.

At the same time, one must remember that Rajiv Gandhi was the person who gave free hand to Scientist Vijay Bhatkar to develop supercomputers in India, to compete with the likes of America and Russia, without depending on the west. While Modi keeps taking the credit of today’s scientific wins of modern India, he has forgotten the seeds sown by his predecessors.

No, Mr. Narendra Modi, the life of Rajiv Gandhi did not end-up as your teleprompter instructed you to speak. Life of Rajiv Gandhi ended-up with his heroic courage of staying too close to the public where 14 civilians also killed. You and your party speak against terrorism, but here you have proved that you have endorsed terrorism.

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Modi’s remark on Rajiv Gandhi – Narendra Modi contradicts his stand against Terrorism

By: Joideep Bora Read time: 10 min