LTTE reorganizing! – Indian ‘Ministry of Home Affairs’ issues ban-extension on LTTE

Photo Credit: Ron Haviv

The Ministry of Home Affairs of India has extended the ban on LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) for 5 more years starting from today. The Indian government’s Ministry of Home Affairs declared this in a notification signed by Joint Secretary Piyush Goel.

The notice said, “even after its military defeat in May, 2009 in Sri Lanka, has not abandoned the concept of ‘Eelam’ and has been clandestinely working towards the ‘Eelam’ cause by undertaking fund raising and propaganda activities and the remnant LTTE leaders or cadres have also initiated efforts to regroup the scattered activists and resurrect the outfit locally and internationally.”

The notice also said that rising of the LTTE is likely to impact VVIP security adversely in India. The copy of the notification can be found here.

The government declared the LTTE as an unlawful association under the ‘Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967’ vide this notification. The notification also added that the Indian government has the information that the LTTE is “the separatist Tamil chauvinist groups and pro-LTTE groups continue to foster a separatist tendency amongst the masses and enhance the support base for LTTE in India and particularly in Tamil Nadu.”

The Indian government has also the information that LTTE’s remnants are reorganizing the militant outfit with the help of their supporters and sympathizers, mostly from Tamilnadu. – The notification also said.

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LTTE reorganizing! – Indian ‘Ministry of Home Affairs’ issues ban-extension on LTTE

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