Ragging – A psycho Analysis


Stop RaggingBy- Dilip Dutta

Madhurjya a promising entrant to an Engineering college is no more. The family has lost their loved one on whom they had so much hope. I offer my deepest condolences to the family for this unexpected unnatural death at the hands of hooligans. Assam has lost another youth, a dent on the future of our race. A loss the Assamese race can hardly afford. The students responsible for it are likely to be fellow Assamese Students! Apparently he died as a result of ragging by older students in the college.

Ragging started in the famous Cambridge and Oxford Universities of England, fondly referred to as OxBridge, some Two Hundred years ago.

The horror initiation of new entrants in Assam Colleges and initiation is far cry from the relatively benign treatment dished out in England even today as gleaned from news reports in the recent years. In Cambridge it is mainly consist of feeding the newcomers with vile stuff to make them vomit and every one getting drunk in celebration. In Oxford the initiation is in the form of asking the new students to wear nappies and to suck dummies etc. for benign fun and frolics. After the ceremony everyone becomes friends.

In Assam ragging goes on until the will of the victim is broken or worse, end up being a dead body. Ragging very likely to have originated emulating the testing out a new contact in animal kingdom or in any human society. This testing out is done as a compatibility check. That is fine; so long the process does not exceed civilized norms.

In the wild if a lone lion approaches a pride, the dominant male of the pride sees a competitor in the approacher and it has to do everything possible to retain his domain even if it comes to destroying his opponent if the opponent refuses to be chased away. What I glean from ragging reports in Assam, the above wild inherent instincts playing out. From my college days, I know that ragging starts in a mild form and depending on the victim’s submissiveness, defiance or ability to swim against or along the current avoiding whirlpools, the screw tightens or the driver gives up. The depravity of the perpetrators obviously is the fuel behind their actions. Their insecurity, intellectual emptiness, having money to burn earned by their parents the sources of which mostly cannot be explained, are the prime factors influencing their psychological makeup in turning them into violent raggers. When they sense defiance the intensity of the brutalities increases and if a possibility of defeat is realized their animal instinct to win by any means comes to the fore. They become vicious animals and their bared teeth in enjoying the suffering of their victim is like the fangs of a ferocious animal in going for the kill.

Parents and teachers should have no problem in identifying these raggers. They usually admit of being involved in ragging for a bit of fun. Assam wake up the so called Ragging is not a bit of fun anymore. It has degenerated into a murderous cultish ritual. If you do not know to how to have a gentle fun filled introduction of newcomers to any educational institutions stop calling it Ragging call it a Bullying Ritual instead.

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Ragging – A psycho Analysis

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 9 min