Bias source, Media Ethics and the last poem of Jahnabi

Jahnabi Rajkonwar Mahanta alias Rashmita Asom
Jahnabi Rajkonwar Mahanta alias Rashmita Asom

Last year, when a lady teacher named Jahnabi Mahanta Rajkonwar joined banned outfit ULFA, Assamese media published a notorious rumor that she had an affair with the outfit’s chairman Dr. Abhizeet Bormon. And the rumor was based on the source provided by controversial IPS(retired) officer G M Shrivastava, who was alleged as the man behind secret killings in the period of 1996 to 2000.

The source of Assamese media has been always a critical one, which was either to gain economic advantage or political fame. There shouldn’t be any contradiction that every known journalist or writer of present Assam became famous by either supporting or criticizing ULFA. Indeed, ULFA still a hot topic to gain opportunities for many media personnel. When Jahnabi Mahanta Rajkonwar joined ULFA, almost all Assamese media reported that she joined ULFA because of the affair with its chairman Dr. Abhizeet Bormon, not for any ideology. Although almost all media editors had a direct connection with ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah and others, all were unsound about Dr. Abhizeet Bormon. Abhizeet Bormon is still a mysterious character for intelligence, media, and even pro-talk faction too. Because the intelligence had no clue about ULFA chairman Abhizeet Bormon, it played tricky by the defame game against Jahnabi Mahanta Rajkonwar. And that tricky game of intelligence was the source of Assamese media’s report.

Worthless to mention that the sources of Assamese media have been mostly biased and based on the single side of the coin. Even so, the single side of a coin isn’t the truth, so the reports of Assamese media. Those media personnel or writers, who are now peace lovers, were the armed movement instigators just a decade before. Parag Kumar Das is the lone exception who came to media life and gave away his life for a cause. Still, he is being blamed by some so-called journalists who never been able to prove their decency and ethics in journalism.

Source of Assamese media! So-called Assamese vernacular dailies never felt the least shame to copy or steal insurgency-related news and photos from Times of Assam. We have witnessed, even a few so-called research analysts also use to copy our reports without giving any credit or mentioning the source. Their sources are always confidential, special, secret and based on a higher official(that doesn’t reveal the name).

Based on such a source, Assamese media reported that Jahnabi Mahanta Rajkonwar hanged herself as she was three months pregnant. This report came out of their especially secret and confidential source.

What was the reality then? Did Jahnabi join ULFA for its Chairman Dr. Abhizeet Bormon? Did Jahnabi Mahanta Rajkonwar hang herself??

In real, Jahnabi never met any Abhizeet Bormon in her life, nor she had an affair with him. Jahnabi joined ULFA through the outfit’s Publicity Secretary Arunodoy Dohotiya. After joining ULFA, she took the alias as Rashmita and wrote a few poems and songs for the outfit which were made viral by the outfit itself.

ULFA Chief-of-the-Staff Paresh Baruah and Chairman Dr. Abhizeet Bormon wanted to place Jahnabi in their Central Committee by the January of this year. But her life had shortages, and she went sick due to illness caused by uric acid, which made her so weak that she was unable to take any food that contains high protein. In her month-long illness, she realized her short life and prepared herself for that. In her last few days, she wrote a poem about death that is a certain truth in her path.

Times of Assam has received her last poem that is published with this report.

The last poem of Jahnabi Mahanta Rajkonwar
The last poem of Jahnabi Mahanta Rajkonwar

After the death of Jahnabi, Paresh Baruah rang some media editors of Assam with whom he used to have the contact in early decades. They knew the truth but didn’t dare to publish it. They might have the thought, that this is not the correct time to show a soft corner for ULFA by publishing the fact about Jahnabi’s death.

A dead person can’t respond to any question, so the dead one shall not be questioned. Only the opportunists use questions on a dead person. This is what Assamese media did with Jahnabi Mahanta Rajknonwar.

Jahnabi Mahanta Rajknonwar was blamed by Assamese media before and after her death.

No more examples of notoriety by media can be there. It won’t be wrong if said we shouldn’t expect anything positive from Assamese media that are owned by Mafias, Congress ministers, and companies that are accused of financial fraud.

A source isn’t a source if you have one side of the coin. And Assamese media can’t hide their lack of ethics. The Past is evidence.

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Bias source, Media Ethics and the last poem of Jahnabi

By: Dhruba Jyoti Deka Read time: 13 min