Blackberry Services Not Allowed: DoT

In a development that could impact BlackBerry services and also the ongoing discussions with its maker Research in Motion over security concerns, the department of Telecom has claimed that no permission was ever given to start the service in the country. According to senior DoT officials, “no explicit permission has been given by the government to start BlackBerry services in the country without setting up server.” At present BlackBerry services are being provided by 9-Telecom Service Providers.

It would be worthy to mention that the security agencies are unable to intercept and monitor BlackBerry services because of complex encrypted communication and non availability of BlackBerry servers in India, which can be a potential risk to the National security. As such India has threatened to shut down BlackBerry e-mail and instant messaging services by August 31, unless Research in Motion (RIM) granted security agencies the technology to decrypt BlackBerry communications, citing national security concerns.

On the other hand, when questions are being raised if US is mediating between BlackBerry maker and India, The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton denied such reports. “We are taking time to consult and analyze the full range of interests and issues at stake because we know that there is a legitimate security concern, but there’s also a legitimate right of free use and access. So, I think we will be pursuing both technical and expert discussions as we go forward,” Clinton said.