Make Calls from your email: Google’s New Feat



Google Inc has declared the launch of their new “Facility” for users of Gmail who will now be able to call telephones directly from their email!

While Google had already been offering C-to-C voice and video chat services, it said that starting this week, it will now allow calls to landlines as well as cell phones directly from gmail for the first time. Google in fact went a step ahead and declared free calls to US and Canadian phones from Gmail for the rest of this year and also promised low rates for calls made to other countries. For instance, calls from Gmail to Britain, France, Germany, China and Japan would be as low as 2 cents per minute.

Market Analysts claim that the service would likely be a huge competitive threat to services like Skype than to traditional phone companies, which have already been cutting their call prices in recent years in response to stiff competition. Skype, which became immensely popular by being the first to offer free C-to-C voice and video services, was almost running monopoly in this business stream but now is sure to be under some serious business threat!

Experts also opine, however, that calling is so cheap already that this new initiative might not attract a huge amount of domestic calling; however it could take some of the international market.

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Make Calls from your email: Google’s New Feat

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 4 min