Flesh traders Arrested in Golaghat

One Jiheskel Kandulna and his wife Kusum Kandulna has been arrested by Sorupatahr Police in the morning of July 1st Friday, who have a strong connection with flesh traders and are believed to have sold 6 girls from Upper Assam in Delhi recently.


Kandulna and his wife, who hails from Rangagora of Karbi Anglong district, has been involved in flesh trade for some time now and it is known from police sources that they took 6 girls from economically weak background to Delhi by luring them with a secured job there, but later sold to flesh traders on May 30th last.

In an another incident two girls, one from Sorupathar and the other from Dibrugarh, were rescued in an operation carried out by an Indian Army jawan Rajen Kakati who is posted in Maharashtra. Later they were handed over to Sorupathar police who sent them to their respective places.

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  1. Shrinivas  August 27, 2011 at 08:29 AM

    If Kundulnas are found guilty, either they should be hanged or put behind the bars for life with hard labour. In free India this should never happen…


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