It is a myth to think that Jews have control over anything – Alan Skorski

Alan Skorski has been a political activist for over 30 years, starting as the first pro-Israel student leader at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. He served as an adviser to congressional campaigns on issues related to Israel. His appearances have included MSNBC, The O’Reilly Factor, C-Span, and dozens of radio interviews, including Michael Gallagher’s radio show. His columns have appeared in World Net Daily, The Jewish Press, and the Five Towns Jewish Times. He lives with his family in New York City in the US.

Alan Skorski, a writer from New York City in the US is the author of a bombshell book named ISRAEL BETRAYED. On the cover of the book, it is written, ‘How the Democrats, J Street, and Jewish left have undermined Israel and why a President Hillary Clinton would be disastrous for Israel’.

The above brief narration of the book has provoked the Chief Editor of Times of Assam, Dhruba Jyoti Deka in seeking his exclusive interview. Mr. Deka was delighted to interview this very mighty writer.

What did people say about the book?

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Retired). Executive Director and Vice-Chairman of the Board National Center for Policy Analysis, Member 12th US Congress said: “It is one of the most overused political talking points in Washington DC, ‘I am a friend of Israel’. And sadly, there are those who utter this rhetoric and go forth without any further scrutiny. There has truly been no real measure of effectiveness or evaluative criteria to confirm or validate these utterances. And these words of times come from those whose actions, political contribution coffers, and hidden words evidence their true sentiment towards the modern-day Jewish State of Israel. In his book, ‘Israel Betrayed’, author Alan Skorski takes these individuals to task and exposes them using their own words. As we enter into the critical 2016 presidential election cycle, the record needs to be set straight. For example, at the 2012 DNC convention, Democrat leaders stated it was just an oversight in explaining why their party platform removed recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The intent and objective of Skorski’s book are to expose those who claim unconditional and unapologetic support for Israel while embracing the anti-Israel lobby here in America, led by J-Street. This is a must-read, that is if you care about supporting our best ally in the Middle East that is deteriorating at the hands of one who did just as Alan Skorski addresses.”

David Horowitz – Bestselling author,, Freedom Centre said: “Israel Betrayed is a trove of indispensable information on – and invaluable insights into – the forces gathering to destroy the Jewish state.”

L Todd Wood, Columnist, Washington Times, author, and correspondent said: “Alan Skorski has done the work that others have neglected to do. He has scrupulously researched the true agenda of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, and prominent left-wing Jewish groups who have sacrificed Israel in the name of advancing a progressive agenda that will only weaken our most reliable Middle East ally, and in the end, weaken America’s interests in a vital part of the world.”

Alan Skorski recently extended this exclusive interview to Times of Assam’s Chief Editor Dhruba Jyoti Deka.

Dhruba Jyoti Deka represented Times of Assam in the interview. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

TIMES OF ASSAM: Belated congratulations on writing the book ‘Israel Betrayed’! Would you kindly tell us the background which has provoked you in writing this powerful book?

ALAN SKORSKI: I first became a pro-Israel activist almost 37 years ago while attending Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. At the time, there were a dozen pro-Palestinian, Muslim, and socialist student organizations challenging Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist. At that time there weren’t any Zionist student organizations to fight back and expose the PLO and its leader, Yasser Arafat, as the father of modern-day terrorism. Not only were we successful in promoting the truth about Israel and its vibrant democracy, but we also exposed the Palestinian groups as nothing more than purveyors of propaganda. Back in 2000, I ran for Congress on the tails of the George W. Bush Administration, and while I did not win, I campaigned on Bush’s friendship and support for Israel, which was in stark contrast on the relationship between the (Bill) Clinton Administration and Israel. It was Bill Clinton who pressured Israel into making more and more concessions to the PLO after the Oslo accords were signed, even as Arafat violated the terms of the agreement, by calling for increased attacks against Israel. The Clinton Administration, according to former Ambassador and mediator Dennis Ross, turned a blind eye to all of Arafat’s violations. As First Lady, Hillary Clinton called for the Recognition of a Palestinian State, before the US or Europe recognized the legitimacy of the PLO. It was during the Bush Administration that I recognized a shift in the Democratic Party to move away from Israel, or at least not be seen as SO pro-Israel, as Democrats saw an increase in political activism by Arab and Palestinian immigrants to the US. I wrote a column about 15 years ago predicting that as Palestinian activism grew in America, Democrats would move closer to them to add another constituency to their voting blocks. We saw during the Obama Administration, open hostility towards Israel’s Prime Minister as well as the attitude towards Israel’s policies and right to self-defense. Early in his administration, Barack Obama spoke at the University of Cairo and made a moral equivalence between the Holocaust and the Palestinian cause.

Preceding Obama’s victory, during the Democratic presidential convention, the Democratic Platform Committee left out any mention of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, for the first time. After a backlash, they attempted to reinsert it into the Party platform but were rejected and booed by Democratic delegates. After several attempts to reinsert the policy, the convention chairman ignored the “nays” and said, “the issue passes.” During the last several Democratic conventions, support for Israel was muted, while hundreds of Palestinian flags were being waved. During the last convention, not only were Palestinian flags being waved inside but the Israeli flags were being burned outside. The Democrats, in large measure, were given cover to distance themselves from Israel by left-wing Jewish groups who saw Israel as “too” right-wing, akin to America’s Republican Party.

TIMES OF ASSAM. The timing of the publication of Israel Betrayed was just before the US Presidential election. Now, for Hillary Clinton becoming the US president is history. There are indications that President Trump will easily get a second consecutive term. But, after that Democrats may once again find a path of entering the White House. After reading your book, it seems to us that Democrats are, by and large anti-Israel. In that case, do you think the interest of the State of Israel will be at stake?

ALAN SKORSKI: While many on the Jewish Left deny that Democrats are any less pro-Israel than Republicans, as I point to in my book, polls don’t lie. Overwhelmingly, when polled, Republicans are pro-Israel, while Democrats view Israel negatively. During the last primary campaign for both parties, Republicans frequently touted their support for Israel – Regardless of which state they were campaigning in – and always received thunderous applause from the audiences. In contrast, support for Israel was never an issue during the Democratic primaries. In fact, the one time that Israel did come up, was during a debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn New York. Sanders shamed Hillary for speaking at a pro-Israel conference without mentioning Palestinian suffering. The audience applauded his criticism of her, and she was too intimidated to respond. With the US midterms coming this November, Democrats have already nominated a number of openly anti-Israel candidates for Congress. At least a few of them will win because they are running in overwhelmingly Democratic districts without any opposition.

TIMES OF ASSAM. Why do you think J Street and the Jewish left have undermined Israel and why a President Hillary Clinton would have been disastrous for Israel?

ALAN SKORSKI: J Street is funded in large measure by anti-Israel activists, including George Soros and Muslim organizations. Soros is also a major Democratic donor. J Street has contributed funds and other support to Democrats who oppose Israel’s policies of building in Judea and Samaria. These same Left-wing groups oppose the influence that the Jewish Orthodox Rabbinate has in Israel, because, in general, they are anti-religious of any sort. Regarding Hillary Clinton, she showed her true colors years ago. According to other best-selling authors and journalists, she was a PLO sympathizer in the 70’s. She has accused Israel of lacking empathy for their Palestinian neighbors. During her presidential campaign, her top two advisers were John Podesta from the Center for American Progress, and David Brock from Media Matters. Both groups are funded by the anti-Israel George Soros and have been labeled as the “David Dukes of the Left” because of their anti-Israel activism, by liberal Harvard Professor, Alan Dershowtiz.

[Note: According to Wikipedia, David Ernest Duke, born on July 1, 1950, is an American white supremacist and white nationalist politician, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, a convicted felon, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

A former Republican Louisiana State Representative, Duke was a candidate in the Democratic presidential primaries in 1988 and the Republican presidential primaries in 1992. Duke also ran unsuccessfully for the Louisiana State Senate, United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, and for Governor of Louisiana.

In 2002, Duke pled guilty to felony fraud. Specifically, he defrauded his political supporters by pretending to be in dire financial straits and asking them for money to help him pay for basic necessities. At the time, Duke was financially secure, and he used his supporters’ money for recreational gambling. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison, where he was imprisoned in Big Spring, Texas.

Duke speaks against what he describes as Jewish control of the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. federal government, and the media. Duke supports the preservation of what he considers to be Western culture and traditionalist Christian family values, as well as the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, voluntary racial segregation, anti-communism, and white separatism.]

TIMES OF ASSAM: According to the media, Hillary Clinton got a more popular vote than President Donald Trump. In that case, can we consider the majority of the Americans who support the Democrats are anti-Israel?

ALAN SKORSKI: I fear for the future of America. Barack Obama’s presidency gave rise to the Left. Before Obama, people like Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), for example, were considered fringe candidates. Today, with the rise of the Left, they are heroes and presidential candidates.

TIMES OF ASSAM: You have heroic figures like Nicky Haley who is supporting Israel in the strongest ever manner. According to your opinion, Democrats are mostly leftists. In the US Senate and Congress, Democrats still are continuing as a prime factor. There is no possibility of the emergence of a new party in the near future. Under such a situation, don’t you think both Israel and America are at risk?

ALAN SKORSKI: I fear for the future of America. Barack Obama’s presidency gave rise to the Left. Before Obama, people like Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), for example, were considered fringe candidates. Today, with the rise of the Left, they are heroes and presidential candidates.

TIMES OF ASSAM: Would you describe yourself as a pro-Israel writer or a Zionist?

ALAN SKORSKI: I am pro-Israel because it is the morally right thing to be. Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East, where members of all faiths and sexes are free to practice their religions, own businesses, become members of the Knesset, chief Justices on the Supreme Court, chief surgeons in Israel’s most prestigious hospitals…. These freedoms do not take place in any other country on that continent.

TIMES OF ASSAM: The majority of the Western media, unfortunately, are engaged in Israel bashing. Even in Israel, news outlets like Haaretz or Jewish Telegraph Agency are playing the role of a backstabber. Under such an adverse situation, how do you think pro-Israel forces can finally sustain?

ALAN SKORSKI: It is true what they say, “we are our own worst enemies.” If Haaretz operated outside of Israel, it would be considered one of the most antisemitic papers in the world. If you want to hate Israel and need a source to feed you negative and dishonest information, you can find it in Haaretz. There are pro-Israel media outlets like Fox News, the New York Post, Washington Times. But there is no question that the forces of evil outnumber the forces of the righteous. If The good guys were always in the majority, evil and persecution of minorities could not exist.

TIMES OF ASSAM: We understand, the Jewish community is having formidable control over the American and even the global economy. But, the bitterest reality is – they don’t have much Israel-friendly news media. Even your book did not get proper media coverage; possibly because of anti-Trump madness amongst the majority of the American and global media. How can this situation be changed?

ALAN SKORSKI: It is a myth to think that Jews have “control” over anything. While it can be said that Jews have been “influential,” that isn’t the same as control. While I may not have endorsements as you noted including members of the US Congress whose endorsements came after the book was published. In addition, a very important adviser to President Donald Trump told me that he read my book in one sitting and that “the book says everything that needs to be said.” Also, I was invited to speak at a major Trump rally in New York City. So overall, we did garner significant attention. The media is anti-Israel, just as they are anti-Trump and anti-Republican. Trump may be an easy target because he puts himself out front and center, but the media attacks ALL Republican candidates, and all of them have been accused of racism, sexism,…. during their campaigns. The media is very closely allied with the Left and Democratic Party, and that coverage is reflected on all issues, whether related to social issues, economic issues, and especially Israel.

TIMES OF ASSAM: Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. But, it has next door or hostile enemies in the Arab nations as well as non-Arab Muslim nations. Many of the Muslim nations, unfortunately, are tagging Israel, Judaism, Jews, and Zionism in the same platform. In their views, non-Jews should not stand in defense of Israel. Even several so-called liberal Jewish right groups (not radical lefts like J Street) are not showing due interest towards the Zionists standing against the unpopular opinion of the antisemitism. What is your personal assessment of this issue?

ALAN SKORSKI: I think many people have become numb to the non-stop barrage of attacks, but in truth, there are more and more pro-Israel groups sprouting up in America, both Jewish and gentile. For example, there is an organization called Canary Mission which monitors college anti-Semitism and actually profiles the names of individuals leading these groups. They have been very successful in outing anti-Semites and exposing who they are from their college activism to their social media posts.

TIMES OF ASSAM: Do you think the impact of Israel Betrayed ends with the defeat of leftists, socialists, and Hillary Clinton? Or, in the years to come contents of this book will play a decisive role?

ALAN SKORSKI: Israel Betrayed is a source of information and education for friends of Israel. Even after the Trump victory, we saw the rise of Palestinian activists like Linda Sarsour who is rabidly anti-Israel but has been praised by Left-wing Jewish groups as a “champion” of social justice. As activists, pundits, and authors, we can never rest or think the battle is over, or we will lose. The Left will never cede defeat and will continue to impose their dangerous views and ideas on the rest of America. They do it through social media and college campuses, which are why educating the young is so important, before they are exposed to the poison that awaits them on college grounds. Not only student groups, but our universities are infested with radical leftist, America-hating, anti-capitalist, and anti-Semitic professors. Educating people about the truth is a never-ending endeavor, and we can never rest on our laurels. Every day is a new battle and challenge to win the hearts and minds of the people.

Israel Betrayed has a whole chapter about Peter Beinart, whom Alan Skorski describes as “utter poison and a despicable human being.” According to top Israeli news outlet Artiz Sheva, Liberal American-Jewish commentator Peter Beinart gave a provocative speech on November 6, 2015, in which he said Israel essentially deserved the wave of Arab terrorism targeting its citizens.

Beinart – who despite his regular attacks on the Jewish state insists he is “pro-Israel” – was speaking at “Beth Chayim Chadashim Progressive synagogue in Los Angeles, which was set up as a “gay-friendly” congregation.

His comments were recorded approvingly by the anti-Israel Mondoweiss website.

“While we condemn Palestinian violence, we must recognize this painful truth: that Israeli policy has encouraged it,” Beinart told his audience. “Israel has encouraged it by penalizing Palestinian nonviolence, by responding to that nonviolence by deportations, teargas, imprisonment, and the confiscation of Palestinian lands. Hard as it is to say, the Israeli government is reaping what it has sowed.”

Amazingly, Beinart also used the same logic to essentially provide some justification for the 9/11 attacks on the US.

“The September 11th attacks were a monstrous, demented response to American foreign policy, a foreign policy of support for Arab dictatorships and Israeli policies which produced tremendous suffering in the Arab world. And today’s Palestinian terrorism is a monstrous, demented response to Israel’s denial of basic Palestinian rights.

“That’s not a popular thing to say in Israel right now, but within a people as within a family, you don’t build real solidarity by telling people things they want to hear at the expense of what you believe is true,” he said.

While arguing against the BDS movement, which calls for a worldwide boycott of Israel and other economic and diplomatic sanctions against the Jewish state, in the same breathe Beinart expressed hope that the international community – particularly the European Union – would increase the “costs” for Israel’s actions.

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