Hima Das – A Slap to Female Foeticide !


Hima Das has become a buzzword overnight. She is a Shining Star in a world where gender plays a slit in Sports. More than the fact that she has been able to grab the Gold Medal at a world platform, the ugly truth which makes her a Shining star is that she hails from a country where “Female Foeticide” is still practiced at various parts, since a century.

She also belongs to a country where the standard of life a woman is going to live is dependent on factors like geographical area, educational and social status, caste, age or religion. India witnesses “Death Before Birth” at many parts even today!

Hima was not affected by the fact that she is from Khandulimari, a remote place in Dhing village of Nagaon District in Assam. She is the daughter of a farmer from a remote village which speaks volumes of how hard it must have been for her to reach this height. But, nothing bothered the eighteen-year-old and nothing could stop her. She did not bother that she is a Girl. All she knew was her passion to run which made it possible for a girl who ran on rice fields to run on a world track representing her nation. She sailed against the wind where the society is judgemental at every step a woman takes- be it her career choice, her choice to wear or how to behave, be it at home or at social spots. Girls like Hima inspire and spread hope to many girls, who are constrained by society because of their gender, to sail against the wind and rise high and even higher.

Girls like Hima Das are proof that women have great hidden potentials within them. If given proper opportunities and platforms to showcase their talents and pursue their respective interests they can be treasures and not burdens to society and family.

The success of Hima calls for more initiatives from the government for more opportunities and proper guidance for females to produce more Kalpana Chawla, more Hima Dases or Mary Kom. Besides Government initiatives, however, it is essential that we as a society must construct a milieu around us where women are at par with their male counterparts to avail full opportunities of self-decision making and participate equally at all spheres- be it political, economic, social or personal. Parents of Hima Das stand as an example in this regard. They did not restrict their daughter to follow her dreams as many pseudo-educated lots do.

Thousands of SALUTES to “HIMA” for her achievement beating all odds. She is an inspiration to many other Hima in the country who are subdued right now. She is a slap right on the faces of those retards who still practice female foeticides because, for them, Girls are a burden to the family and to the Society. She has proved to them that Girls are treasures. She made India and Assam proud in general but she made the Women Fraternity proud in particular. Hima ran like a Girl. She competed like a Girl. She made India proud like a GIRL.

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Hima Das – A Slap to Female Foeticide !

By: Sovia Pegu Read time: 9 min