Bakhar Bengena Tree

Bakhar Bengena Tree

Two kids under the 700 year old historic BAKHAR BENGENA tree at Bakata, 30 km from Sivasagar, Assam on 25-08-2010. There is a belief that this 30 feet high tree was planted by famous Barahi King Mahamanikya of Jayantipur. The tree was discovered by famous botanist of India U N Kanchilan in 1939 gave the scientific name as Rendia Ulizinsa.

This legendary tree, which very well has a scope of making it to the list of some of the oldest living trees of the planet, calls for a good scientific Radiocarbon Dating or Genetic Matching methodology to ascertain its age. Unfortunately the experts of Assam themselves, have not yet given this tree the due attention or recognition it truly deserves.

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Bakhar Bengena Tree

By: Luit Chaliha Read time: 1 min