How Paresh Baruah managed to escape from Bangladesh

Paresh Baruah

With special investigation and inputs by our Special Correspondent from Dhaka, Bangladesh

After almost all top leaders of the outlawed ULFA were deported to India, the million dollar question for Indian Intelligence, Journalists as well as common people of Assam was Where is Chief of the Staff Paresh Baruah? Everyone thought he would be caught soon but so far he has not only evaded any arrest but has also succeeded in reviving the otherwise destroyed outfit to quite some extent. From sources close to Paresh Baruah and Rapid Action Battalion of Bangladesh, Times of Assam has now been able to know how Paresh Baruah had escaped the eyes of Indian Intelligence and remained a free bird.

During the early 2009, it was Anup Chetia who had first got the hints about the coming trouble for the outfit. But Anup Chetia, who in Bangladesh Jail since 1997 even after his conviction is well completed was not taken seriously by the other leadership of the outfit. Chetia’s warnings were overlooked as he was in jail. It is worth mentioning that although Arabinda Rajkhowa lived in Dhaka as well, he had not visited Chetia for the last one and half years before getting himself arrested. Anup Chetia was hurt by this negligence but due to his love for the outfit, he continued to express his thoughts through several letters to other members of ULFA.

Finally, after getting confirmation about troubled times right ahead, the ULFA leadership actually started to discuss about options to escape to China or Myanmar. However none of them wanted to leave their family behind, except for Paresh Baruah. Ironically the same leadership of ULFA used to punish those cadres who fell in love or wanted to get married and now they themselves were unwilling to leave their wives and children! Even Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa denied escaping to China although complete arrangements were made for his escape and people were waiting to welcome him in China.

Paresh Baruah on the other hand realised the gravity of the situation and made arrangements to escape from Bangladesh on his own. He realised that his passport details were already known to the Indian Intelligence by then through help of Lebu alias Phanidhar Medhi(Read our previous exclusive Paresh Baruah’s close aide Pranjit Saikia was another key of Indian Intelligence). He did his air ticket purposefully from Bangladesh to China. The Indian Intelligence underestimated Baruah again and waited on him to catch him at the airport with all preparations and arrangements done. Even G K Pillai proudly declared in India that Paresh Baruah is surrounded and has no option than to surrender. G K Pillai also had the information about the ticket number along with the flight number with which Paresh Baruah was about to leave Bangladesh. But Baruah fooled everyone. Instead of taking the flight, he went to Coxbajar of Bangladesh and took the water route to Myanmar in a ship. Further he escaped from Myanmar to China.

Paresh Baruah escaped to China from Bangladesh fooling every Intelligence official on April 10, 2009 leaving behind his wife and children. He did it right after the India Supporterd Awami League came to power and since then, he has never returned back to Bangladesh. It is still a big surprise for Arabinda Rajkhowa and his followers on how Baruah was able to escape. The plan, as known today, was to arrest Paresh Baruah first followed by others in ULFA.

Later, when the lateral talk process started with the Jailed ULFA leaders, as per plan Paresh Baruah was removed purposely from the talks process. This was done as advised by P C Haldar, the interlocutor between the Government of India and ULFA pro-talk leaders. As per plan, Dr. Hiren Gohain who had led the process of bringing in the talks process was used to criticise Paresh Baruah through media forums. Baruah too replied back a few times and slowly he was removed from the talks process.

So what Arabinda Rajkhowa did after jailed Anup Chetia alerted his comrades to leave Bangladesh as Awami League came to power in 2009? Why Arabinda Rajkhowa’s driver Raja Borah was punished by Rajkhowa?? What allegation was drawn by Kaberi Kachari Rajknowar against martyr Anil Borah’s brother ??  Stay connected with Times of Assam to get unfolded about the Truth, because Truth is not that what we often use to see or hear.

To be continued…

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How Paresh Baruah managed to escape from Bangladesh

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