100 crores for Paresh Baruah’s head, alleges ULFA hardliners

Paresh Baruah

ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah

By- Barta Xompadok

In a startling claim made by the hardliner faction of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) led by C-in-C Paresh Baruah, the outfit has stated that the Government of India has paid substantial amounts of money to the neighboring countries to launch attack on the ULFA’s bases.

In an email press release which included Paresh Baruah’s recent photograph sent by the outfit’s publicity Chief Arunudoy Dahotiya, the ULFA hardliners claimed that Indian Government has paid a special economic package worth as high as 20,000 crores to flush out the rebel camps of ULFA and other insurgent groups of North East in Burmese soil. In addition, the outfit claimed that Government of India has also made a promise Rs 100 crore more if Paresh Baruah can be killed within September of this year.

The outfit claimed that this is not the first time Indian Government has paid such huge amount to neighboring countries to destroy ULFA. The Indian Government had paid 1000 crore worth package to Bhutan in 2003 to flush out ULFA camps and had recently lended 1 billion dollar loan to Bangladesh as well for the same purpose, the outfit alleged. The press release also stated that a country like India whose one third of population lives below poverty line would in no other reason provide such huge financial assistance of a billion dollar to Bangladesh.

Dahotiya also questioned that if Indian Government considers ULFA to be weak, then why such huge amount of money is being wasted by the Indian Government. It went on to further claim that if Assam becomes Independent, Indian economy would be so shattered that the nation would need 100 years to recover.

Mentionable that the Myanmar Army has launched an all round attack on ULFA as well as other rebel bases situated at their country. This launch is expected to put pressure on Paresh Baruah to come to the negotiation table without the demand of sovereignty, for which he has been so far adamant with

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100 crores for Paresh Baruah’s head, alleges ULFA hardliners

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 6 min