AASU vows to fight to save Assam land given by Indian Government to Bangladesh


By- Correspondent | Date- September 9, 2011

The All Assam Student’s Union has termed the surrendering of Assam’s land to Bangladesh as betrayal of the people by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi. The student’s organization yesterday called upon all the opposition parties to prevent ratification of the Indo-Bangladesh treaty in Parliament.

AASU advisor Dr Samujjal Bhattacharya stated that it was necessary have a treaty with Bangladesh that could facilitate deportation of illegal migrants back to the country. Instead the deal was signed with Bangladesh almost secretly with the people of Assam completely unaware of the swap, till it happened.

Claiming that the people of Assam will never agree to this irrational treaty of giving away the State’s land to Bangladesh, Dr Bhattacharya questioned whether the Centre would dare to give a similar stand if it came to disputed territories with Pakistan along the Indo-Pakistan border in Kashmir .

The AASU called the chief Minister’s role as disgusting since he did not even utter a word against the deal and was found to be in all praise of the deal, instead.

The AASU has declared of a series of agitation programmes from today to protest the land swap deal.

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AASU vows to fight to save Assam land given by Indian Government to Bangladesh

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 3 min