Agitation against dams, land pact – Akhil Gogoi injured in police lathicharge


 By- Correspondent | Date- September 23, 2011

Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) General Secretary Akhil Gogoi and several other activists were injured yesterday during a police lathicharge when the protests were being staged in front of Nagaon Deputy Commissioner’s office.

The protests were being done as a part of the statewide agitation programme called by KMSS against the construction of mega dams at Subansiri hydro project, Assam land given to Bangladesh during the land swap deal and for giving land rights to the indigenous and landless people of Assam. As a part of the agitation called, thousands took to the streets in Nagaon just as observed in all other places of the state and carried out a massive rally from Nehru Bali to the DC office.

The protestors called upon the DC to meet them and receive the memorandum from the protestors. The memorandum contained mainly three demands, regarding stopping the mega dam project, revoking the Land swap with Bangladesh and granting land rights to the landless farmers of the state. However the DC refused to meet the agitators. Finally after 3 pm in the afternoon, the police jumped upon the protestors to clear the mob did lathi charge on the protestors. In this, Akhil Gogoi as well as few journalists and several supporters of KMSS were injured.

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Agitation against dams, land pact – Akhil Gogoi injured in police lathicharge

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 4 min