Assam growth rate better than Gujarat, claims Chief Minister

Tarun Gogoi

By- Correspondent | Date- September 23, 2011

Addressing a press conference yesterday, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi claimed that growth rate of Assam is getting even better than developed States like Gujarat.

Citing statistical figures to back his claim, Gogoi stated that the state of Assam has seen a growth rate increase from a mere 2.60 ten years ago (in 20010 to a much higher 8.08 currently (2009-10). While in Narendra Modi led Gujarat, the growth rate has increased during the same period from an already high 8.41(2001) to 10.23 (2009-10).

It was also stated that Assam has achieved the sixth highest rate of improvement in economic growth among all the States during 2001-2010 as per data by Planning Commission of India. In fact the latest data of the Planning Commission has showed Assam to have achieved as high as 211% improvement in economic growth during the period.

In addition, the Chief Minister stated that there was very little scope for foreign investment in Assam due to shortage of land required for big industries. It was added the main stress would be on small scale industries and tourism as these are suitable for biodiversity rich Assam besides also being employment intensive.

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Assam growth rate better than Gujarat, claims Chief Minister

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 3 min