Anna Hazare denied place to hold fast – Another Ramlila Maidan coming?

By- Correspondent | Date- August 1, 2011

It is plain and clear now that Anna Hazare would not be permitted to hold his fast at Jantar Mantar, a symbolic area for protests and fasts.

Delhi Police has already confirmed that Anna and his team has been suggested to hold their fast in alternates sites, if the fast is for more than a day or involves more than 2,000 people. As alternate locations, Anna has been suggested of Ajmal Khan Park in Karol Bagh or the Burari grounds.

After the Delhi Police, last week, had imposed Section 144 CrPC (prohibitory orders banning gathering of not more than four persons at a public place)  in the Jantar Mantar area, it lead to a widespread view that this was aimed at destroying Anna Hazare’s scheduled indefinite fast from August 16. However the prohibitory orders were lifted later with the clarification that this was done as a security cover for the Parliament session scheduled from August 1 to September 9.

Activist Anna Hazare had announced to go on indefinite fast from August 16 at the Jantar Mantar in protest against the government’s refusal to include the Prime Minister within the ambit of the Lokpal Bill, likely to be introduced in the forthcoming session of Parliament.

Is Hazare likely to face another Ramlila-like incident?

Team Anna facing a situation like Baba Ramdev recent Ramlila incident (where the police lathi charged the silent and peaceful protestors against corruption) is being concerned by various local bodies and people across. This is mostly due to the stir arising out of Anna Hazare and his team being denied permission this time to carry out his fast and protest the way he would have liked to.

However, the odds that Anna Hazare would face this same consequence as Ramdev are very low. This is due to the fact that Ramdev’s movement and demand for probing into black money and Swiss Bank secret wealth was far more threatening to the Indian rulers than the threat to modify the Lokpal Bill. The government, the Indian rulers, the media empires and capitalists, – none of them can afford to take a risk with Swiss Bank wealth. Most of them are involved directly and so Ramdev movement required a complete destruction.

With Anna’s movement, there is scope for further discussion for the Government to discuss and take it forward, unlike Ramdev’s which needed a complete full stop. Having that said, it is still a probability that Anna Hazare and his team can face some real hard times, now that the Lokpal Bill is going to be implemented and the opposition would be ready to agree to it, by all means in the parliament

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