Another disaster on ULFA, 21 Senior leaders deported

Press Release
Press Release

By- Staff Reporter

Another major crackdown hits ULFA C-in-C  Paresh Baruah. More than 20 Senior ULFA leaders, who were staying in Bangladesh since last  decade, have been deported to India by Bangladesh Government.

Those includes Captain Bhaiti Baruah alias Apurba Baruah, Captain Biju Deka alias Nipul Das, Captain Pradyut Gohain, 2nd Lt Phanidhar Medhi alias Lebu, the Member of Central Publicity Wing of the outfit Lt Anu Buragohain alias Lt Anjan Borthakur, Sergeant Major Plaban Hazarika alias Hemanta Rajbangshi, Sergeant Xopon Daimary, along with their families and other members.

Meanwhile in a press release signed by the ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah and sent by email to the media, it has been claimed that the detained ULFA leaders have been motivated by few jailed ULFA leaders and GoI intelligence to flee out from the organization. The ULFA C-in-C also stated that the fresh crackdown is the part of the Lateral Talk drama, claiming it is intended to divide the organization.

Stay in touch with Times of Assam. Times of Assam have got several secret information regarding to this incident and will reveal those within few hours.

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Another disaster on ULFA, 21 Senior leaders deported

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