Another rift in NSCN(K) – Former President Yung Aung expelled


Following conflicts over misuse of power and betrayal, the NSCN(K) expelled the outfit’s President Yung Aung and appointed Lt. General(Rtd.) Nyemlang Konyak Naga as their Chairman cum President. The decision was taken in a plenary meeting chaired by ‘pro tem Speaker’ Lt. General Niki Sumi. The meeting was held on July 28, 2020. The outfit’s in-charge MIP(Ministry of Information and Publicity) Nikato Pilot Sumi disclosed in a press release sent to Times of Assam today.

At the same meeting, Starson lamkang Naga was appointed as General Secretary(Ato Kilonser) of the NSCN(K).

The press release also reads that the former president Yung Aung has been found in direct contravention of the provisions of the ‘Yehzabo’ on the count of “changing the official seal of the GPRN by dispatching a newly self designed seal to be used officially” and “clandestinely established relationship and connived with NSCN(IM) in trying to subbotage and undermine Naga Sovereign Rights; who have categorically stated in no uncertain terms and signed the 2015 accord to be included under the ambit of Indian constitution” without the knowledge or consulting any members of the organization.

Press Release sent by Nikato Pilot Sumi

Nikato Pilot Sumi, in the press release, also said, “the grave watertight charges against the former president Yung Aung, the NSCN/GPRN patiently waited nearly 2 years, for the former President Yung Aung to come to his senses and do right by the Naga people but sadly, on his own Volation, deserted NSCN/GPRN and unofficially defected to Nscn (IM) and since then has been doing the bidding of Nscn(IM) under the directive of Indian government to sabotage and suppress our Sovereign Political Rights.”

In the meeting chaired by Niki Sumi of NSCN(K), the former President Yung Aung has been found guilty of serious dereliction of duty and conniving with elements trying to derail the sovereign Political rights of Naga people.

The outfit recapitulated that the NSCN(K) will follow in the footsteps and visions of leader late SS Khaplang.

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Another rift in NSCN(K) – Former President Yung Aung expelled

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