Artist’s beacons posters and mass signature campaign for human identity


Artist CampaignBy- Staff Correspondent | Date- August 25, 2012

Sanmilito Silpi Samaj an association comprising senior artists from different walks of life from in and around Jorhat undertook on a mass campaign of poster drawings and signature campaign in the busy Barua Chari-Ali, captioning, “Human Identity is better than Individual Identity”, coinciding with the recent violence of ethnic clashes that have shook Assam from the core.

Talking to Times of Assam, Tapan Chang Kakoti, publicity secretary of Sanmilito Silpi Samaj said, “Our motto is whatever time beacons and we believe in performing according to visual language in the shape of drawings. We want to spread the message that people start acting like human which in the present times, none identifies as so. The human nature is based on certain human elements but due to the lack of educare people have started behaving in a frenzied manner which ultimately is creating disturbance in the society”. Moreover Mr. Kakoti also stressed that, “art doesn’t understand any barrier or border and humans irrespective of caste, creed, religion and cultural identity can actually identify the hidden message whenever this type of mass campaign is undertaken for public awareness”.

Tridip Dutta also a senior artist opined with the views of Tapan Chang Kakoti and appealed to all sections of the society to be united and not fall to designs as propagated by what he claimed as humans with non human values. He said, “We all have social and intellectual responsibility towards the society and that Art in any form carries a universal language which needs no explanation of its subject”.

Saleha Ahmed veteran terracotta artist said, “Our sole motto is to let prevail peace and calm in the state and that the people regain the bonding of the Assamese fraternal society which did withstood many difficulties from time to time”.

Interestingly Saleha Ahmed drew a portrait of a woman holding two pigeons (Symbol of Peace). When asked why specifically she chose to draw a women holding the pigeons, Saleha Ahmed reiterated that, “As a women sways her husband, child, brother, son in law to remain away from evils of the society in which she is almost ninety percent successful, in a similar way had women been given more participation in society, than I believe the recent fratricidal violence would not have erupted to such an extent. I believe women are more considerate than men”.

Towards noon and evening a large number of people mostly from the school and college communities were seen queuing up to sign the signature banner and took an oath to desist one from falling a prey to violence activities while upholding the moral and human values.

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Artist’s beacons posters and mass signature campaign for human identity

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