Land grabbing on the rise in Jorhat


Real estate boom in Jorhat in recent time and the lucrative brokerage business of buying and selling a plot of land or a property to earn a fortune even higher than the profit provided by banks in the shape of interest over a deposited amount has swayed many unscrupulous persons to enter into land grabbing cases. While the rising trend has also seen new heads emerging in this business branded as land mafia. While many cases of such land grabbing has been continuously reported from Guwahati in recent times, this trend has now surged in Jorhat too.

One such case came to the light today, when Jorhat police picked one Mr. Mukunda Rajkhowa, resident of 1 No Tarajan Sonari Gaon and owner of M/S Rajpriyam Agro Services having its shop at Baruah Char-Ali when Shri Bijoy Bezbaruah owner of the land upon which the shop was built lodged an FIR with the police terming Mukunda Rajkhowa of illegally occupying the shop after the expiry of the agreement and reporting loss of valuable property inside the room. The Jorhat police acting swiftly brought the accused to the Sadar Thana and after preliminary investigation and over not producing documents in support of his case otherwise, sent Mukunda Rajkhowa to jail. Alert citizen has commended to the timely police action.

Talking to Times of Assam, Bokul Gogoi OC Jorhat police informed, “We have taken action against whatever authentic documentary proof and primary evidence. It is for the court to decide the case which would be of civil nature. Bijoy Bezbaruah the owner has produced documents in original before us while we gave ample time to the other party to produce documents he had in support of his case but on failure to produce any documents, we lodged a criminal case for illegally and forcibly occupying a room belonging to Bijoy Bezbaruah. The case is on account of trespassing”.

Reliable sources have informed that it was a conspiracy by the second party to grab the land in the busy Baruah Char-Ali which is valued at several Lakhs of rupees and have raised objection to the criminal act by the second party while offering a suppressed rate to the owner who gave the first proposal to sell the land to Mukunda Rajkhowa. While another section of people has advocated that Mukunda Rajkhowa had entered into a sale agreement with Bijoy Bezbaruah and agreed to pay him seven Lakhs against the property and in advance paid Four Lakhs.

Times of Assam has exclusively acquired the copies of the rental and sale agreement deed that happened between both the parties but one thing is for sure whatever agreement was signed and amounts transacted, it was all penned in unregistered deeds of twenty rupees. Alert citizens and property owners had expressed their fear over the increasing number of such cases and wanted to lease or rent their apartments or buildings and warehouses to government establishment, banks, educational institutions and others than leasing them to individuals with criminal motive who often breach confidence and wants to grab the valuable and highly profitable land or buildings which the owners build while shedding sweat and blood.

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Land grabbing on the rise in Jorhat

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 9 min