Assam Police plays foul on Cyber Crime against Parag Kumar Das


A case number 02/2014(STF PS) was registered with Sections 120(B) & 500 of IPC and 66(D) of Information Technology Act of India in connection of the case.

Ironically the first thing that, it was needed to be proved was the picture of Parag Kumar Das put up by those websites was indeed of Parag Kumar Das or not! Even so, on demand of STF, late Parag Kumar Das’ brother Pallab Kumar Das appeared before the STF office and identified the photo as his late brother and also has given statement as an witness of the crime done by the media houses.

Even more ironically, the case has been filed to STF of Assam Police, which is headed by ADGP R M Singh. R M Singh was the same person, who was the SP of Guwahati when the killing of Parag Kumar Das (a state sponsored killing). There have been numerous allegations against R M Singh that he did not cooperate in the Investigation on the killing of Parag Kumar Das. In fact, it has been widely believed that it was the alleged vandalism of R M Singh in the investigation of Parag Das killing that had once led him to be transferred out from Guwahati, to be brought back later.

The Special Task Force was originally formed to fight against Naxal in Central and Northern India; however it has been gradually reduced to a political puppet over the years. It was evident from the fact when the fact that the alleged Facebook profile incident of one Editor in Chief of a Satellite News Channel was handled by STF. STF then satisfied the Editor in Chief (who is cousin of a Congress MLA and was Editor of the news channel owned by a state minister’s wife) by arresting Times of Assam‘s Chief Editor who was in Assam Police’s unofficial custody in the suspect of being ULFA[I] Publicity Commander Arundoy Dohotiya (Read more about this: here). The same STF is now hesitant to proceed with the case of cyber crime against late Parag Kumar Das, because late Das’ family does not have political backing.

Can Assam expect justice this time, from the same man who has been alleged to deny justice to the family of Late Parag Kumar Das!

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Assam Police plays foul on Cyber Crime against Parag Kumar Das

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 6 min