Assamese boy Abhijit Baruah runs to glory of Guinness Book


History was created and a nation became proud yesterday when an Assamese boy took on the world all by himself and ran to glory.

Assamese boy runs to glory of Guinness Book Abhijit Baruah

By- Staff Reporter | Date- February 01, 2012

For 22 year old Abhijit Baruah from Jorhat, traits such as courage, stamina and determination probably came naturally. A martial arts expert and an athlete who had won several medals across the state as well as at events all around was denied to take part in the last Olympics. Young Baruah, who works for the Assam Police just took it as a challenge and decided to prove to the world his merit. He decided to take on the Guinness Book of World Records and create a record never dared by anyone else before.

The Guinness authorities fixed a distance of 150 km to be covered in 24 hours. To the delight of his well-wishers and tens of thousands of spectators who cheered him along the way during his last few hours, the 22-year old Jorhat lad covered the distance before the stipulated time, – in just 23 hours and 19 minute! Finally he covered 156.2 km within the stipulated time.

B K Chandrasekhar Tiwari, the Indian observer for the Guinness Book of World Records monitored the whole event and issued a certificate on behalf of the India Book of Records to Abhijit. The certificate was handed over formally to Jorhat MLA Rana Goswami, Jorhat Deputy Commissioner R C Jain and Jorhat SP Sanjukta Parashar(IPS) at a press meet last evening.

Members of The Great Run Club, a body formed with Jorhat MLA Rana Goswami as president to promote the event, senior district administration officials and staff and police officials cheered Baruah along his quest.

Abhijit started his run from the Tarajan bypass to the other approach end of the bypass on the eastern outskirts of Jorhat, a distance of 10 km between which he had to run to and fro. The route was marked every 100 meters in accordance with the guidelines of the global records body.

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Assamese boy Abhijit Baruah runs to glory of Guinness Book

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