Assam’s Jorhat district market flooded by chemical mixed Turmeric


By- Staff Correspondence

An exclusive sting operation by Times of Assam in the early hours of 9 February, 2014 based on inputs provided by sources has once again busted an illegal and adulterated turmeric mixing factory.

The illegal turmeric mixing depot was being run by one Raju Shah of Jorhat with help from Assamese unemployed and uneducated hooligans in the residential Borpool area in Kenduguri. During the time of the sting, two laborers were busy mixing chemicals with four quintal of spoiled rice that was being fed into a grinding machine and the finished product being packaged in plastic bags of 20 KGs. The red color chemical stored in large quantity in the store gave a pungent smell and the spoiled rice was far from eating condition of humans. Nowhere in sight were the raw turmeric plants, paste, extractor machine or others to prove the genuineness of the turmeric.

The laborers confessed to have worked in the factory since the last two months and that the factory operated only after midnight. They reiterated that Raju Shah did the mixing and graded the amount of chemical to be mixed with the rice. It was only after the owner left that the two workers would resume mixing, grinding and packaging of the adulterated turmeric. This would continue till 4 in the morning and just before sunrise the laborers would leave the place until Raju visited later in the day to transport the packaged turmeric to Dhaka patty main market and sell it to customers through D.N Shop.

Question is how such traders have been continuing with such illegal practices and what makes them powerful feared by the ordinary masses. Answer lies in the total failure of the district administration, police and the food and civil supplies department. The easy availability of Assamese bad blooded hooligans to such traders and the keeping of government officials in their pockets and those who gets sold out every day for cheap money is the main reason behind such successful ventures of these black traders.

The recent busting of an expired mustard oil packaging unit in Jorhat by a students organization that hit Times of Assam headlines is just another example of this heinous trade designed to weaken the original Assamese people’s blood and strength. Knowingly and unknowingly each one reading this news must have felled prey to these black marketers and their product of the chemical based turmeric or expired mustard oil. Hard to believe but it is definitely aimed at crippling the Assamese people otherwise why would these agencies, depots, stores, shops and factories grow as mushroom colonies confided in one particular area and still no action is taken from the governments side. It must be a no entry zone for all concerned people to stay back at home and take either kickback or the real kicks and blows of the hooligans.

But Times of Assam would continue its fight against such business policies of the black marketers which is continuing unabated at the behest of certain unscrupulous and money crazy government officers and equally the negligible role played by many nationalist organization of the state. Times of Assam would not bow down to the tactics of any forces prevailing in the state which is concerned with the people of Assam. Threatening and fearful tactics won’t suffice to Times of Assam exposing sting operations. Just yesterday the barrage of electric output from the mains of the turmeric factory when the video was being captured did not deter the non stop filming of the entire illegal happenings and bringing it to the world of news viewers.

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Assam’s Jorhat district market flooded by chemical mixed Turmeric

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