Bangladesh cannot deport Paresh Baruah and Anup Chetia’s family

Paresh Baruah

In a recent report it has been found evident that Bangladesh Government is not taking any action about ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah and General Secretary Anup Chetia’s family while it is well known about their whereabouts. According to a source of Bangladesh intelligence, though Bangladesh Government has taken action against almost all ULFA leaders and cadres taking shelter in the country, there is many complex issues are related with deporting Paresh Baruah and Anup Chetia’s family. The source also stated that getting under pressure of US, Bangladesh had no other option to deport ULFA leaders and cadres after September 2009.

According to the source, Paresh Baruah and Anup Chetia’s family are now being taken care by Bangladesh Government Authority for diplomatic reason and at any moment both family members may be transported out to China. Paresh Baruah has already made the arrangement for their move to China. Baruah’s elder son Ankur Khan Sunlee (aged 18 years) who hails the charge of the publicity by the name of Arunodoy Dohotiya is leading the outfit in Bangladesh on behalf of his father. It is also been reported that beyond of the family members of Paresh Baruah and Anup Chetia, son of late Dr Dharani Das(elder brother of Publicity Secretary of ULFA, Mithinga Daimary alias Deepak Kachari) Bhaskar Das is also with them. Bhaskar Das (aged 15 years) was brought to Bangladesh 9 years before by an over ground female worker who is neighbor of Mithinga Daimary. Paresh Baruah gave a new name to Bhaskar as Anik Khan Ringlee. Paresh Baruah has arranged accommodation for family of himself and Anup Chetia together at secured place supported by Bangladesh Government. Anup Chetia’s son Sagar Islam (aged 20 years old) also known as Jeeumon in the outfit is oldest among the Baruah and Chetia kids. Anup Chetia’s daughter Banya Akhtar (aged 15 years) also known as Buli & Bulu in the outfit, is studying with Bhaskar Das alias Anik Khan Ringlee in High School at Dhaka. Before the arrest & deport of Rubel alias Pradip Chetia along with senior leader of the outfit Captain Antu Chaudang alias Upen Burhagohain, the laptop of Anup Chetia’s daughter Buli was used for sending press release by the outfit. Later on when Times of Assam revealed this report about it, Paresh Baruah’s elder son Ankur Khan Sunly took the charge of publicity and stopped using their personal laptops and started using Cyber Cafes of Mirpur area.

Being it all evident of whereabouts of Paresh Baruah and Anup Chetia’s family, Bangladesh Government is yet not taking any action which raised many question in the intelligence branch of the country itself. Another source from Bangladesh reported that Bangladesh Government won’t go to deport the family members of Paresh Baruah and Anup Chetia by any mean, but it is going to accommodate safe passage to China for them. The same source also added that the bank accounts of Paresh Baruah have been made frozen by Government of Bangladesh recently, to prevent any red eye of US. It is also reported by the same source that the arrest or deport of Paresh Baruah or his family is diplomatically impossible task for Bangladesh Government, because Baruah is the prime accused of arms dealing case in 2004 which exposed the Bangladesh Rifles’ top officers’ involvement resulting out their arrest too. The source explained that to deport Paresh Baruah or his family Bangladesh has to arrest him first. But if Paresh Baruah gets arrested by Bangladesh, then he cannot be deported because of the arms dealing case as he is the prime accused and he must have to face judicial action by Law of Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh cannot deport Paresh Baruah and Anup Chetia’s family

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 10 min