Bangladesh captures 1500 bighas land of India


By- Partha Prawal Goswami | Date- July 07,  2011

At a time when the government is taking strong steps towards the eviction of illegal settlers in the state, Siddique Ahmed, Minister of Development and Co-operative of Border areas has alleged the state government on 7th July 2011 that 1500 bighas of state land has gone to Bangladesh near the international border pillar number 1370 at Madanpur of Karimganj district.

Minister Siddique alleges that the sealing of the international border was tendered to a company named NPCC and the company while sealing the forest covered area of Madanpur, the company barbwired some portions. The barbwired portions that varies from 150 meter at some place to 300 meter at some, has now been occupied by Bangladeshi residents and this way a total of 1500 bighas of Indian land has gone to Bangaldesh. Siddique now awaits as what action will the state government take to evict these illegal settlers ar border and bring Indian land back to India.

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Bangladesh captures 1500 bighas land of India

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