BJP MLA Shiladitya Dev questions integrity of Supreme Court over Liquor Ban issue

Assam’s BJP MLA Shiladitya Dev today expressed his concern about India’s top court’s judgments over liquor ban near National Highways.

Mr. Dev, MLA of Hojai constituency, questioned before media, “Some month’s before the Supreme Court ordered to stop liquor shops near to the National Highway. But now, I am learned that the earlier order has been revoked. Why such happened?”

Mr. Dev said that such a change of the Court’s order doesn’t reflect any other ground instead of corruption. He also said that in the mid of two different orders, there is no other story.

“Everyone knows that liquor is bad for health. The Supreme Court earlier banned all wine shops near to the highways, and now ordered that such wine shops can be operated. Isn’t it a corruption?”, Mr. Shiladitya Dev added.

The MLA also criticized the role of the Supreme Court over the NRC (National Register of Citizens) issue in Assam. He claimed that the top court didn’t corroborate with the State government and doing so, the court made a mockery of democracy.

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