Born to a Religion!


Born to a religion Tarun Gogoi

By- Dilip Dutta

It is going to be critical piece. However, in this introductory piece I am being very considerate. If you are that sensitive that you get offended by any negative question about your faith based belief you better not read on.

Let me start what I know for sure. That is about myself. I was born into a family which follow the teachings of Srimonto XonkorDeu/KhonkorDeu but without the depth of understanding of the egalitarianism this great teacher formulated in company with Guru Nanak during their stay together in Puri (Orissa). My family with the poor understanding of the greatness of the man and being an ardent supporter of the XorgoDeus of the Ahom Assam did not give a too hoot to incursion of Brahmanism into their lives and me too became a victim of that tradition. I married with the utterance of Vedic verses. Without thinking much about it I followed the tradition. In my psyche taking a wedding vow the fire as a witness was logical indeed. If I had to do the seven steps to beg my would be wife’s freedom from the right of possession of Seven possessors, one of them is the Brahman, as per true Vedic wedding rites; perhaps I would have to question my manhood from that day onwards. In Assam we are also lax with religious rituals or perhaps the BorNoi dilutes these too!

XonkorDeu, despite my great reverence to you, you cause me to feel aggrieved that what you embarked on the remnant of Buddhist Assam infrastructure and the solid blocks for the building of one people covering all the vales and hills, you failed where your co-philosopher Nanak succeeded. You allowed the fifth columnist to plant the poison seed of division and we are paying the price in this 21st Century.

So that’s how my Dhree the root for the word Dharma in Sanskrit meaning religion in English was to take shape. I do not think that makes me a so called Hindu. Although it is made to understand that from the river Sindhu the word Hindu originated. I have strong doubts about that, but, at the same time do not have an iota of wish to do any research into it. I have better things to do.

As a grown up my Dhree evolved in to rational thinking. That is I have left the ring fencing of born in to a religion. Die hard Hindus will say, nothing doing, you are a Hindu ad infinitum.’  Wow! But the Imam in my neighbourhood says, like everyone else you are Muslim at birth, but, not following Islam you have become an infidel (كافر)”. I do not say anything out of decency or political correctness. I have allowed the Imam to use a derogatory term on my face ! I could have said, “That means I could be killed and have to burn in hell fire infinitum too?” The Imam cursing under his breath at the intelligence of a Naji (نجس) would have said, “Heh, Heh, “I did mot mean that.”. As I do not have to respect his religion surely I should retort, “You are doing Taqiyaa (تقية) Imam, do you want me to reel out the verses which orders you to do me in?” The Imam is not with me now, hence I do not have to dig into my memory cells to get those verses in right order. I need to be careful there, otherwise the ready get out clause the Imam might use, “That verse is abrogated, hence does not apply.”. If I was a human computer like Shakuntala Devi to counter his parrot learning! No I can’t buy the Imam’s inherent belief. With knowledge to enlighten him out of darkness I should be disrespectful of his religion which gives him the license to abuse me. With civility next time I should say, “If that what your Islam teaches you, it is not a nice religion Imam, you should be ashamed of being a Muslim. Do not use your stock phrase. Islamophobe. That word is not there in my dictionary. My best friend’s parents are Muslim. Oh yes my bosom friend is a born Muslim. So was Dr. Ali Sina. (Visit his website http://alisina.org/ to know this extraordinary human being our planet is proud to have.)

I am willing to believe that Kaniska may have something to do with Kangsa story and even Krishna an extra terrestrial alien super being. But how can I accept a super intelligent entity call it ‘God’ if you like; making me a slave to another human entity. But, But, I was taught God is everywhere. Remember the Prahlad story? Then how come the stratum below the Sudras is subhuman, even inferior to the urine of the Brahmins! Is the SUPER book spoken by a Star can be such fallacious? Muslims believe every word in the Quran is absolute truth too. I find multiple errors though. If someone dares to challenge me to reveal those now, I will scuttle my plans to do it in fullness of time, and write it in my next submission.

The first Abrahamic religion has been accused of corrupting the God’s doctrine, but they are also one of a kind; ring fencing themselves. Could they are connected to the Brahmanics? The similarities are so close! That a thought. By the way have you noticed the white two piece Ihram and head shaven male Hajjis going round the Kabba SEVEN times anti-clockwise? What does it remind you? Is it not more than just a co-incidence? Dr. Zakir Nayak with his clever oratory will perhaps link it up with the Kalki galloping away on a horse and spreading his Puranic knowledge in Arabia. Oh yes, Dr. Naik I know Kalki is supposed to be the 10th and the last Avatar. Of course Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim,is said to be your last prophet too. Lo, in the eyes of the absolutely true believer(Takfir) in Islam you are an APOSTATE! Be careful from your anatomical knowledge you know how easy to behead a person. But again, the embryology you preach your devoted folks is rubbish. Could you be also a Munna Bhai MBBS?

It is so exhilarating to be a rationalist. Why do I have to look back what I have born into? I have a brain to think. Ears to hear. eyes to see. It is irrefutable that the earth is round as it is seen to be round, it is not kept up by elephants nor by mountains maintaining the balance. The earth is orbiting supported by interplanetary pull in our solar system and the sun does not go down into a puddle of muddy water.

I do not have to worry if the moon god Haabal (al Ilah) and Somnath are one and the same. Neither have I had to protect the temple revering the moon with my life nor go at it with a mad rage to destroy the Somnath Temple joining a marauding lot.

The moon is after all a detached piece of the earth when it comes to science and no Sir; it is not split into two. Neil Armstrong neither said that nor he became a Muslim after returning from the moon. Never believe that crap. Now that Neil has passed away Bangladeshi Muslims may be tempted to say, “Phinema Khaledina Jahanamme”.

I rest my case.

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Born to a Religion!

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