Colonel Drishti Asom won’t surrender – ULFA[I]

In a recent press released issued & sent by ULFA[I] Assistant Publicity Secretary, Captain Arunodoy Asom, the outfit said that it’s Deputy Chief of the Staff of the Military Wing Colonel Drishti Asom isn’t going to surrender.

Captain Arunodoy Asom, in his press release, has claimed that the news about Colonel Drishti Asom’s surrender is totally bias and driven with motive of false propaganda. He also added that Drishti Asom is serving his duty of Deputy CS and Commander of Western Command of ULFA[I].

Mentionable that, the news about Drishti Asom’s leaving the outfit was published in Times of Assam for the first time with his photo. Later, the news was published in several regional and national media.

Times of Assam published the news in the report of Drishti Asom alias Drishti Rajkhowa’s close aide, with no propaganda. If ULFA[I] has targeted Times of Assam in this press release, then we must say that the outfit will never come out of the same propaganda of blame-game that was heavily exercised by the outfit in 1990s.

Anirban Kalita is Executive Editor of News Section. His role is also involved with reviewing, editing of articles before publishing.
By academic Anirban is MTech of Computer Science & Technology.

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