Conspiracy plan of Army and Police foiled by ULFA


Conspiracy plan of Army and Police foiled by ULFABy- Staff Reporter

Taking advantage of the recent strife that hit the internal management of the United Liberation Front of Assam(Independence), the Indian Government under the banner of its malicious propaganda and specially designed coveted operation by its intelligence agencies backed by the army and the local help of the Assam Police, tried to infiltrate the revolutionary movement with its specially trained operatives to loot a cache of sophisticated arms and ammunition from the ULFA(I)’s arsenal, gathering clandestine information and deposit it to their mentors based in Lekhapani in Tinsukia of Upper Assam on or before 25th December, 2013.

In a press release sent to Times of Assam signed by ULFA(I) publicity wing member Joi Asom, the outfit provided details of the 9 member group out of which 4 members were apprehended by the special operation team of the ULFA while 2 managed to escape the ULFA’s security dragnet with a few rounds of ammunitions besides the other 3 killed in an encounter with the revolutionary special unit cadres. It was stated that on the basis of the statement given by the captured agents it has come to the light that they were trained and set forth on an operation to loot arms and conduct bomb blast targeting Assamese populace across the state thus defaming ULFA midst the Assamese people. Further the agents confessed to have been paid in advance and were promised secured government job either with the army or the Assam police. The ULFA(I) also recovered several incriminating documents belonging to the Indian intelligence agencies besides names of several Indian agents operating in the border areas.

The member of publicity wing of the ULFA(I) thus hereby appealed to the innocent Assamese youths to refrain from falling a victim to these tempting methods of Indian agencies to earn quick and easy money and the promise of a secured future while reiterating that in the event of the failure of the mission, the same youths would be killed in cold blooded murder which of course will be a fake encounter and branded as ULFA (I) cadres.

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Conspiracy plan of Army and Police foiled by ULFA

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