Fake Guinness Observer threatens Times of Assam


By- Staff Correspondence, Jorhat

In continuation of our earlier breaking story,” Guinness World Records Fake Observer Exposed”, Times of Assam would like to present before our readers a brief history about B K Chandrasekhar Tiwari who was so far known to be the independent Indian Guinness observer. As a latest means of communication, Chandrasekhar Tiwari has asked Times of Assam through an email addressed to the Chief Editor if, (1) Can you give me a single proof in which I personally claimed to be the representative or adjudicator of Guinness world records, London in any interview or by any written letter addressed to media at any where?

As such, the Noida based B K Chandrasekhar Tiwari, cancer patient, is a Guinness record holder in the category, “Nonstop viewing of TV for 70 Hrs thus breaking the former Guinness record of a Canadian national achieved on 5th September 2005. In an interview to an independent news channel, Chandrasekhar remarked about learning the Rajyoga meditation to control the mind and relax the body. Rajyoga, which Chandrasekhar learnt from his guru of the Brahmakumari spiritual center”. In the video our readers would see Chandrasekhar replying to the news anchor’s question and mentioning the Guinness fete with active guidance from his guru and the help rendered from the Rajyoga meditation. Chandrasekhar who is known as the invisible doctor and is a known personality in India and abroad preaching Rajyoga and lessons on energy radiation.

But, the question is how could a Guinness record breaker become a Guinness independent observer? Was he provided with some certification or appointment letter by Guinness? Interestingly the very email in which Chandrasekhar seeks proof of having said to be an Guinness Independent observer, Chandrasekhar mentions in the (3) clause, “Somewhere media wrote on their own about me as “Indian Observer for Guinness world record”. I am an Indian and not foreigner and definitely any Indian or foreigner can witness or become observer as per Guinness world records laid down conditions of witnesses. Since I am an Indian and requested to be the observer for GWR attempt, then what is wrong in writing Indian observer for GWR attempt? No where and at no point of time I told in any interview that i am adjudicator and Indian representative of Guinness world records”.

Now the question is, if Chandrasekhar was an actual Guinness World Records observer then why was he hesitating to use the Guinness logo and other trademarks and holograms in every event that he administered? Additionally in the event of being a Guinness observer, Chandrasekhar would have been provided with all allowances to travel to Assam and do the record monitoring and he would not have charged money from a boy like Pankaj Jyoti Borah.

Talking to Times of Assam, Pankaj said, “I am a poor boy from a poor economic background. But still I paid Rupees 15,000/- to incur his travelling and lodging expenses. Moreover that day when I lost the Guinness record by mere 5 mins and Chandrasekhar was insisting me to run the additional 57 KM, I went to meet him in the Brahmakumari Spiritual Center near the Indian army Rhino Cinema Hall complex in Jail Road where Chandrasekhar informed me that he will give me a glass of water to drink full of energy that will enable me to run the 57 Kilometers to break Abhijit’s Guinness record. But I knew my body was not going to permit me since I had already run 100 Km and had carbuncles in both my feet and I was suffering from pain. Besides why should I run to break Abhijit’s 156.2 Km India book of record as claimed by Tiwari in front of the media? Yes, I would have run to break Abhijit Baruah’s Guinness World Record of 156.Km. The very difference between Abhijit and my attempted record was longest and fastest”.

Last but not the least, Chandrasekhar mentions about his recommendations for Abhijit Baruah to win the Guinness records. In the email addressed to Times of Assam, Chandrasekhar mentions in the 4th clause that ,“If media remembers my speech during Abhijeet making GWR attempt, I was wearing India Book of Records badge as IBR adjudicator and issued on the spot certificate from India Book of records after successful completion of Abhijeet records. There I played double role 1 One as an adjudicator of IBR and Second as Independent Indian Observer for Guinness world record attempt by Abhijeet. I submitted that report and Abhijeet Got the record certificate also. He was also awarded Asia book of records certificate on my recommendation only. Where I was wrong at that time. Can Times of Assam prove that one? If I was wrong that time then why Guinness world record issued certificate to Abhijeet Barua”?

Here Times of Assam would reiterate that it doesn’t feel necessary to prove in writing or reply through email to Chandrasekhar no matter how threatening his email might be while advocating legal action for defaming him. What needs to be proven when an exposed Chandrasekhar put forward questions and answers (Self Explanatory) them in the same email day and night. Moreover a column of writing from Guinness authorities contacted and replied through their official email press@guinnessworldrecords.com and their responsible monitoring officers and the Indian observer Mr. Nikhil Shukla is enough to take a stand against anyone defaming Guinness World Records.

Note to mention our final news about the whole business of Independent observers in the name of Guinness will have answers from former Guinness World Record Holder and Assam Police pride, Assistant Sub Inspector, Abhijit Baruah, Guinness attempter Pankaj Jyoti Borah and the Jorhat Superintendent of Police, Dr. Sanjukta Parashar and rope in their views about this entire business which has started from January 2012 when an Assamese boy achieved Guinness and imbibed in other young, athletic and the fury mind to achieve the unachievable.

Our readers must be aware that Times of Assam is not against any person’s religious or spiritual beliefs and practices. The name of Chandrasekhar was and is associated with the Guinness and nonetheless it became important for us to break the story after Pankaj’s failed attempt for the Guinness record in the barefoot run category and Chandrasekhar’s dual version before the camera of various news channels. Times of Assam has all the evidences collected from the Guinness World Records authority at London and the Guinness Indian observer Nikhil Shukla, who is investigating the entire fraud fiasco.

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Fake Guinness Observer threatens Times of Assam

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