Cyber war against ULFA


By- Correspondent| Date-October 7, 2011

In an email press release sent by Arunodoy Dohotiya, publicity commander of the hardliner faction of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA), it has been accused that there is another fake “Arunodoy Dohotiya” who has been sending emails and press releases taking his name.

The hardliners have accused that this fake “Arunodoy Dohotiya” is created by the Indian Government to create confusion and has appealed to the media not to be eluded by communication made by the fake “Arunodoy Dohotiya”.

On the other hand, from sources it is being believed that this duplicity is planned and done by not else by the pro-talk faction of ULFA with a purpose. This is to serve two purposes; – first it will undermine and lead the hardliner faction to be cut off from media due to the confusion that would now arise amongst media personnel on whether an email received from the ULFA publicity commander is real or fake. Any insurgent outfit can not survive if its communication channels with media are cut off. The hardliner ULFA faction would face tremendous problems in communication with the public if media is cut off from them.

Secondly, due to the same confusion, the real Arunodoy Dohotiya would be forced to make calls or send Fax instead of emails to communicate on important matters related to the outfit. As such, it would become easier for the Indian security forces to trace phone calls or faxes rather than emails and in turn convenient to trace the elusive publicity commander of the banned outfit.

As per sources, it is also believed that the pro-talk faction of ULFA is helping the Indian Security forces to launch offence against the C-in-C Paresh Baruah by providing them complete details about this location at Taga area of Myanmar. It is been claimed that every detail, such as the river which needs to be crossed and followed to reach Paresh Baruah’s camp, is provided so as to capture the elusive Commander in chief and bring an end to the struggle.

It is to be mentioned that the pro-talk faction of ULFA is being accused by the people for compromising more and more already, in the name of talks with the Government of India. Due to this the hardliners Paresh Baruah faction, who is still opposed to talks, has been able to hire a huge number of youth from the state in recent days. Even the newly appointed Deputy Foreign Secretary of ULFA, Dr. Pranmoy Asom is believed to be one MBBS student at China who hails from Dibrugarh, Assam.

If such situation continues and the clash between the pro-talk vs hardliner factions of ULFA continues,Assamis bound to witness more bloodshed than ever before.

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Cyber war against ULFA

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 8 min