Pro-talk ULFA member suspected in Nalbari businessman murder


By- Correspondent | Date-October 4, 2011

It has been suspected that members of the pro-talk faction of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) are involved in the murder of businessman, Anil Jain which took place on the evening of 1st October.

As per reports received, the businessman was killed when he refused to part with this cash box when it was being snatched by two youth from his garment shop near the Harimandir market. When the businessman refused and his employees made noise, one of the youth shot numerous bullets into Jain and fled from the area. Injured Mr. Jain was taken to theGauhatiMedicalCollegebut he succumbed to his injuries on the way.

Sources have revealed to Times of Assam that some members of the pro-talk faction of the ULFA might be involved in the crime. The locals have often complained that most ULFA cadres, now living in temporary camps, houses and their own residences now, are finding it hard to adjust their living with the money given to them by the centre. As such some cadres are carrying out extortion and other such crimes under the nose of the administration. The Anil Jain murder case is believed to be of the same category and that Mr. Jain had refused to pay any money demanded which led to his death. Some locals have also complained that some ULFA cadres have even reported false theft of their or some sympathizer’s vehicles, so that they can get good money from the insurance companies.

If the pro-talk ULFA, who is claiming to be trying to bring peace and solution to the land, is involved in such crimes, then there would not be long when the people of the state will loose their complete faith forever in the outfit .Unfortunately, the state administration too has not been able to do anything to control the ULFA cadres, now loitering freely in the name of peace talks, from indulging in any crime or misdeeds.

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Pro-talk ULFA member suspected in Nalbari businessman murder

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