Death of an exceptional Indian through the lenses of an Assamese


Justice J S VermaBy-

The retired Chief Justice of India J S Verma is no more. As per NDTV he has died of multiple organ failure.

While I have no information about the nature of his death and cause/causes behind it, The BBC reports that he died of liver failure due to abdominal problems.

The facts are that on 15 April 2013 he looked a picture of health on the NDTV show and in the NDTV interview in January 2013 with Sonia Singh he did not betray any symptoms of an ill health.

What has happened to him in the recent months or in the last 7 days?

In my previous piece Rapes in India vs Assam I lauded this courageous man on taking on the issue of Indian Security forces using ‘Rape as a weapon of war’ under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (1958).

In his interview with Sonia Singh he reiterated that no official can use the AFSPA cover to abuse the women folk with impunity.

Obviously his stance has rattled many feathers. Upon seeing the fate of his recommendation under the hands of the lawmakers he must have greatly saddened by the attitude of the establishment. He may have vocalised his anguish in some quarters.

I wonder what he thought of himself helping to keep the AFSPA on the Statue of the Indian Constitution in his earlier ruling?

Could it be that the depravity of Indian males generally, and of the male security personals in particular; seeing the rape statistics going up, he wanted to do something about it?

We do not know, yet.

However, a very fit looking octogenarian who could afford excellent heath care suddenly taking ill and kicking the bucket in 7 days flat from a ‘Full of Health’ television appearance makes me wonder if there has been foul play to end his life.

We shall never know.

With the state of forensics in India, him perhaps already been cremated and ashes possibly thrown into some holy river, no (except his near and dear ones) one will loose his or her sleep over his demise.

Can this India watcher’s suspicion be a huge question mark for Indian conscience and India starts asking the right questions?

After all he tried to make nasty India better.

I just wonder…

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Death of an exceptional Indian through the lenses of an Assamese

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