ULFA renamed itself as ULFA[Independent]

The Paresh Baruah-led ULFA hardliner faction on Tuesday April 30, reformed the outfit with a new name, ULFA[Independent] i.e. ULFA[I]. This said to have decided in the outfit’s Central Executive meeting from April 2 to April 6.


In an email statement sent to Times of Assam by the Chairman, Dr Abhizeet Asom, the outfit said that the central committee of the group, in a recent meeting, decided to christen itself with the new name and continue with its goal of a sovereign Assam.

“Looking at the political context and the proposal of a dialogue between the government and ULFA, the outfit decided to continue to stick to its previous stand of discussing the issue of sovereignty and to sit for the discussion in a separate country in presence of UN representatives,” said Dr Abhizeet Asom.

The statement also announced that the outfit’s Chief of the Staff(CS) of Army Wing, Major General Paresh Asom alias Paresh Baruah, would also hold the post of vice-chairman from as of now. Adding some more major changes the Dr Abhizeet Asom said, “Lt Colonel Jiban Asom alias Jiban Moran would hold the permanent post of Finance Secretary, Captain Mantu Asom alias Mantu Gogoi would hold the post of Assistant Secretary.”

The outfit also changed its earlier command of salute of honor to Chewmen Khar, an word from Rabha language.

2 Responses to "ULFA renamed itself as ULFA[Independent]"

  1. Simanta Sarma  May 02, 2013 at 02:13 AM

    When we were in school we used to think the ULFA cadres as heros.
    But now, after so many years, the actual face of the outfit has come to light.
    The surrendered, the pro talk and the Independent, all are nothing but baseless. The former two have shown that are greedy for money even at the cost of their brother’s blood and the later is trying to show that they do still exist with what ever means they can.I am sure that as long as Mr. P. Baruah is alive, ULFA is also alive. I dont know how long the Independent ULFA is going to sustain after the demise of Mr. Paresh Baruah. Now ULFA (I) has become nothing but a ONE MAN ARMY. IT is a known fact that one leader can not sustain a rebellion with a few PAID followers.
    Now I have to ask ULFA specially Mr. P. Baruah to renew the objectives of the organization and let us (People of Assam) know what good they will do with their struggle other then making some more blood thirsty and greedy robbers.

  2. Rupam Dutta  May 10, 2013 at 08:28 PM

    I disagree with you Mr. Simanta. What is left of ULFA are the ones who are true revolutionaries..Here is a man, Mr. Paresh Baruah who has given 30 years of his life for the cause and still sticking to his principles. Hats off to him and all cadres who stand by him. Perception is one thing one cannot change and your perception is wrong Mr. simanta. ULFA is a organisation with its own hirarchy, Chairman, Vice-chairman, Foreign secretary, Publicity secretary how can you call it one man army? I and many will disagree with you.

    Also the contribution of the new Chairman cannot be underestimated. He is the one who has been spearheading the issue of human rights violations in Assam on internation forums Ang going by the state of affairs of india, the day is not far when it will break up..Full corruption, loott and no value for the life of common man.

    Joi Aai Axom


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