Dirty political machination by Assam Police at Sivsagar


Blast in SibsagarBy- Anjan Saikia

On 22 September Monoj Konwar, a human rights activist of Sonari Lukhurxona, was murdered in a pre-planned manner. The situation prior and after this incidence has shaken the fabric of Sivsagar society as a whole. To understand the state of affairs fully we need look into the preceding events in the locality.

A number of organizations of the region have become incensed by the mafia like activity of the Police Chief of the district. On 13 July an Indian soldiers tried to rape a college student at Dimow and the local people intervened and after a good hiding handed the soldier over to the Sivsagar police. But Akhilesh Singh, the Superintendent of Sivsagar Police  trying to hush up the case, various organizations of the region challenged him on his inaction against such a grave crime. Activists protested by striping their top half to make their case. In this protest action Monoj Konwar took an active role on behalf of a Human Rights Organization. Henceforth Akhilesh Singh took exception against Monoj Konwar.

The United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) since its birth has had a strong support base at the Sonari area of Sivsagar. Of late the Indian Army with the co-operation of the Police has been carrying out operations against the ULFA in the area, but, without any success. In the meantime, Akhilesh Singh misbehaving with two Members of the Assam Legislative Assembly Anjan Dutta of Amguri and Debabrata Saikia of Nazira has been reprimanded by the provincial Home Office, a portfolio held by Tarun Gogoi. On the failure of the operation against the ULFA on one hand and the dressing down by the Home Office on the other hand, to divert attention and fuelled by personal vendetta he murdered Manoj Konwar and actively propagated that the ULFA has killed Manoj. At the orders of Akhilesh Singh, the Officer in Charge of Sonari Police Station coerced the elder brother of Manoj to put his brother’s murder on the ULFA and he was forced to sign on a blank paper on which a fabricated statement was recorded blaming the ULFA. Later on Manoj’s brother asserted to the media people of this fabrication. As soon as this deception became known, many members and supporters of the Human Rights organization MASS came out onto the streets to protest against the police. As his own vile scheme boomeranged on him, Akhilesh Singh this time to divert attention from himself on 24 September orchestrated a bomb explosion at Sivsagar Township. In this explosion an innocent Assamese youth lost his life. The ULFA gave a statement denying its involvement and pointed fingers to Akhilesh Singh as the officer behind the incidence and the events leading to it.

The Sivsagar SP although skillfully tried to get himself a clean shit, the public is not convinced and the public remains highly suspicious of his integrity now. He then seeks support from the Pro-Talk faction of the ULFA and little other unrecognized organization as his tool. The unrecognized organization members were used for propaganda in blaming the ULFA for the explosion and then using Bihari youths under criminal character created mayhem in the town with anti ULFA slogans to convince the public. The ULFA has put out statements again that the organization is not at all responsible and the arrested youths are not connected to the organization in any manner. There is no end to alleged malpractices of Akhilesh Singh. On 30th May at Saraideu in an encounter between the ULFA and the Police and the Indian Army joint operation ULFA cadre Robin Asom was seriously injured and two Indian soldiers were badly hurt. Robin Asom had 20 Lakhs of organizational fund with him and this was never disclosed by the security agencies involved in the encounter. The ULFA in a statement clarified the Akhilesh Singh has misappropriated the amount and Robin Asom also admitted of the fund missing from his person. Akhilesh Singh has a reputation of taking regular massive bribes from the coal and oil black marketers.

One must take the cognizance of the fact that Sivsagar District Congress Party has written to the Home Ministry to take action against Akhilesh Singh. Various quarters from the Sivsagar public is voicing concern alleging him of using terror tactics in the whole of the district of Sivsagar.

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Dirty political machination by Assam Police at Sivsagar

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