Expired Mustard Oil packaging unit busted in Jorhat


By- Staff Correspondence

A group of student activists busted a black marketing and illegal packaging of adulterated and expired mustard oil racket on January 31, 2014 at Jorhat with the help of the food and civil supplies inspector.

The godwon in the name and style of M/S Everest Agency that stocked the expired brand of mustard, refine and palm oil was raided by the student after being tipped off and caught red handed the sealing mechanism with which the oil was sealed packed in various containers and pouches of the main brand Dhara.

Talking to Times of Assam, student activist Manoj Hazarika, said, “We knew about this place being flooded with adulterated oil and that the packaging was done without any license.” Meanwhile the owner of the premises and his whereabouts were not immediately known and is believed to be absconding after he came to know the operation conducted by the student activists and the presence of media people.

People of Kenduguri where the godwon was situated assembled after seeing media people and raised their voice for such and illegal trade and accused the district administration of failing to protect the food related rights of the common people. Some people expressed their anger after they were apprised of the low graded and expired oil that they were purchasing in the name of buying adulterated oil. Despite all odds the people were seen praising the student activist team for the noble effort to draw the people, administration and the media’s attention and exposing this black trade.

Meanwhile the Food and civil supplies inspector has sealed the godwon after taking samples of the oil and the packets and a case is likely to be initiated after reports and enquiry.

During this time certain Jorhat based media brokers (In Assamese- Dallal) having close financial relations with the black traders were seen offering grants in the name of managing the news and try to restrict it. One unidentified pony tailed reporter were seen offering such advice in the Balibat area in front of the famous MD sweets belonging to the Gattani family. It has been learnt that the Gattani family has a big industrial empire in Jorhat and is literally into each and every trade. M/S Everest Agency was functioning in the premises of the Gattani weight bridge.

This trait of the Assamese people to allow the non Assamese mafia traders to grip them and make them weak is not acceptable. The traders who are aware of the Assamese people’s lust for money uses it as a tool to fix them and manipulate any matter according to their wishes. These are the very same people for who even the police; the district and the state administration does not matter much as they have infiltrated the top band masters of power in New Delhi. Question now is what action the food and civil supplies minister would take in view of the busting of the repackaging of the expired mustard oil and ensuring people of healthy products and the right commodity for their hard owned money.

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Expired Mustard Oil packaging unit busted in Jorhat

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 9 min