Secret revealed behind the Narendra Modi algorithm in internet


The Modi Wave – claims the BJP and its supporters across the land. Indeed, there is a mass hysteria of Narendra Modi, the BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate for 2014 elections. The hysteria (wave!) started however in Internet and Social Media such as Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and other blogs, social media and went on to make his name more and popular amongst the Indian Voters, who are increasingly getting used to the world of www and Facebook and other social media.

Detailed investigation and report proved that BJP has hired over 20 BPO, over 500 web professionals and over 5000 IT freelancers who are responsible for ensuring that Modi remains at Top of Popular searches in Google, stay top and clean in the social Media and most importantly popularise Modi through his achievements of Gujarat, his photographs and quotes. Reportedly over than 50 of such IT professionals are based out of USA and are being paid huge fees by the BJP for taking their services in the Modi-wave propagation in the net.

Reportedly, as per reliable sources the campaign of Modi is backed by an eminent Newspaper of the country. This specific National Newspapers, known to be one of the most ethically correct and very popular, especially in the Southern States is reported to be the one who is creating the Modi philosophy, ideology and popularize the man who was once a Tea Vendor. Undoubtedly, if Modi does become the PM, the Editor-in-Chief who is a popular Media Baron himself, will be known as a King Maker. In addition, another prominent national Newspaper who claims themselves as the Pulse of India is also claimed to be backing Modi in his campaigns. The idea of promoting Narendra Modi through paid internet campaign was initially applied by Nitin Gadkari in 2009, who paid 5 IT skilled youths of India to promote Modi through blogs using blogspot and wordpress. Report also unveiled that Narendra Modi has 79% fake Twitter followers and 72% fake Facebook fans. These also fake followers service was bought by BJP from Pakistani & Bangladeshi IT freelancers.

Using technology support by Candidates for Elections is nothing new to the world. US President Obama was known to have used writers for his speeches and Private Firms for his Internet popularity. Congress too have reported to have paid about 600 crores to a Japanese firm to popularize the party and its’ Vice-president Rahul Gandhi through internet and media campaigns. However, it is indeed a sad state of affairs that the highly educated Techno-experts of the country and abroad are being led to run and work, so that un-educated politicians of the country can glorify their public images. Is this what High technical education is meant for or what about a country led by an Educated individual, are questions which would only continue to baffle Indians in coming years probably.

Anyone who needs further proof or examples of these claims are advised to search the following keywords in Google and the truth will itself unfurl,- type “support NaMo”, “Modi for PM”, “vote for Modi”, “Modi lao Desh bachao”, “Modi comes” and “all vote for Modi” (use the upper double quotes i.e. “ & ”;- without using upper double quotes, you won’t get proper search result).

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Secret revealed behind the Narendra Modi algorithm in internet

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 9 min