Facebook Fake profile hits ULFA C-in-C Paresh Barua

Paresh Barua
Paresh Barua

By- Staff Reporter | Date- September 12, 2010

After shaking the Assamese Film industry by creating  fake profile of an upcoming young Assamese Actress, Facebook fake profile creator this time hits United Liberation Front of Asom, ULFA’s Commander in Chief of Military wing, Paresh Barua. With the facebook id facebook.com/Kamrulzaman57 the fake profile creator has inputted lots of fake information which leads the belief thiss as a fake profile. It is yet unknown who has and with what intention created the fake profile. Most of the information included in profile are been taken from various websites, including pictures of the banned outfit’s jailed leaders Arbinda Rajkhowa, Chitraban Hazarika, Shashadhar Choudhury & Raju Barua.

The major reason behind to belief the profile as fake is, the profile holder has inputted wrong information about his late brother Dinesh Barua. The profile holder has written about late Dinesh Barua as ‘Late( Martyr) Dinesh baruah ( Killed by Prafulla Mahanta)‘;- while Dinesh Barua was killed in February, 1992 by some un-identified gunmen and at that time Prafulla Mahanta was not the Chief Minister of Assam. Neither AGP was in ruling that time nor Dinesh Barua was killed in the time of claimed secret killing age of Prafulla Mahanta’s ruling of 1996-2001.

The photo captions included with the photos of the profile also give several clues as it is a fake profile. The profile holder making hue & cries in his wall posts with confusing lanuages.

Earlier there were various fake profiles were created in Facebook, in the name of noted Film Actress of Assam. Out of those one profile was deleted as it was flushed by Media. Till there are several fake profiles of Assamese Film Actresses, which are active yet.

Whoever is(are!) doing it it or whatever intention may behind it, but it is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Usage about creating profiles. It will be noticeable how the Intelligence or Cyber Crime investigation Department act with the issue of these fake profiles.

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Facebook Fake profile hits ULFA C-in-C Paresh Barua

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 6 min