A journey for Assamese into Web Technology


The guy was insulted by many because he was not an Engineer. He approached all about his all attempt, from Guwahati to USA living people. Almost everybody suggested him to follow the guideline the senior Engineers had written in their Thesis for their PhD. But he was not into following somebody else, his mind was thinking to create something new.

He questioned himself if other can be done, why not the Assamese? Why should one have a font installed in his system folders, to display Assamese texts in Website? If other things can be embedded into the webpage, then why not the font? Yes, there was a solution, font too can be embedded. He tested normally available Assamese fonts, by all major vendors of Indian IT companies. But he was not satisfied with anything. Windows XP with Service Pack 2, has the inbuilt Unicode font for Assamese text display i.e. Vrinda. The guy was not satisfied with the looks of the Vrinda font. He then studied about Font technology under GNU Projects, then he started creating a font by his own which can display Assamese texts in webpages with a proper look, as well as no need to have any Unicode font installed in users system to display the Assamese texts.

After trying for 3 years, he got something working solution for Windows operating system pc. No Unicode font is necessary to install in your system, just go on without having it.

Bellow is what he did:
আপুনি সপোনতহে তেওঁক ভালপায়
সেয়ে আপুনি শুই থাকে দেৰীলৈকে
ব্যস্ততাহীনতাতো ভাগৰি পৰে আপুনি
তেওঁ সুখত থাকক বুলিয়েই
অনিচ্ছাসত্বেও আপুনি বেচি থৈ আহে
আপোনাৰ সততাক
নিজৰ মৃত্যুতকৈয়ো আপুনি
বেছি ভয় কৰে তেওঁৰ বৈধব্যক
পুৰুষ হোৱাসূত্রেই আপুনি
কেতিয়াও নাপাহৰে অতীতক
কলেজীয়া দিনবোৰ আপোনাৰ নষ্টালজিয়া
তেওঁক ভালপায় বাবেই ঘৰৰ পিছপিনে
আপুনি দুৱাৰ নাৰাখে
আপুনি নিশ্চিত হ’ব পাৰে
খিৰিকিবোৰ খোলা থাকিলে
ক্রমশঃ আপুনি নিজকে নিচিনা হৈ পৰে
তেওঁ আপোনাৰ পত্নী
যাৰ বাবে আপুনি মিছা ক’বলৈ শিকে

(প্রকাশঃ ২৫ এপ্রিল, ২০০৪, ‘আজি’)

Note: To test the Assamese display, temporarily remove all Unicode fonts from your system’s font folder and keep those somewhere else. Then browse this page again. We have tested his project in Internet Explorer 8.0 & Mozilla yet only. It is reported by him that testings for other browsers are going on and completed soon. Please note that you may need to refresh your browser for once or twice to see the Assamese text properly.

For visitor’s ease, the proper display should be as follows. Kindly report(send mail to [email protected]) with your screenshot, if you see the difference below:

Click to zoom
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A journey for Assamese into Web Technology

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