Forest security personnel arrested with four other for rhino killing

A great Sensational situation prevails in between natures lover while a forest department security personnel arrested along with four others at Gohpur alleged involvement with rhino trading. It is a major blow on Assam Forest department after held five person allegedly involved in rhino poaching and trading a rhino horn from Gohpur who were arrested on Saturday after one day of the rhino killing.

According to police sources the accuse have been identified as Purandar Borgohain, Dimbeswar Borgohain, Dilip Borgohain, Joganta konwar and Kamtao alias Ajit was arrested while they were travelling with a Scorpio from vehicle at Purubari area under Gohpur police station in Sonitpur district.They were coming from Dhemaji to take the rhino horn along with four others police said.

Manabendra Dev Roy – Superintendent of Police, Biswanath Chariali Police district – informed that one of the accuse person Dimbeswar Buragohain – employed as forest protection personal under Burahapahar Range of the Kaziranga National Park. Devroy further informed that forest personnel’s engaged in anti poaching operation in Kaziranga had been involved in poaching and trading of rhino horn.

He said, “Dembeswar Buragohain was an employee of 1st battalion of Forest protection force deployed in Kaziranga National Park in Burahapahar Range.”

Meanwhile the Biswanath District Police cooperating with the forest department after poaching the rhino at Gohpur Gonaiaati on Friday last also seize the Scorpio vehicle used by the accuse .

The 6th addition of Kaziranga National Park with an area of 376.50 sq km ranging from Panpur Reserve Forest and stretch of Brahmaputra River guarded by one range office in Biswanath Chariali. Entire Kaziranga National Park area 430 sq km out of this area the major area have been occupied in 6th addition of Sonitpur district without having any sophisticated security forces and equipment.

Meanwhile Assam Governor also took stoke the matter and this was raise in Assam Assembly first day of Budget session where Chief Minister alleged that Central government not providing proper fund to tackle the matter .

The sources further said lack of infrastructure and encroachment causing threat to the 6th addition area . Police sources said that till now in Biswanath Police district 10 poachers have arrested by the police along with SLR rifle also recovered.

It is mentioned that river side Assam River police force have only one post at Biswanath Ghat with having a single river patrolling boat which officially required 16th liter fuel in a month.

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