Guwahati Molestation – Atanu Bhuyan still is the Editor-in-Chief of NewsLive and its Management board

Indulging the biggest controversy over Assamese journalism history, Atanu Bhuyan – Editor-in-Chief of NewsLive – announced his resignation from the satellite channel yesterday in a press meet at Guwahati Press Club. Mr Bhuyan claimed that he was pressurized by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi to resign from NewsLive.

Atanu Bhuyan

Later, with an immediate react, Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi slammed Atanu Bhuyan for creating false accusation and unethical journalism of NewsLive. Gogoi said that he had never bothered to pressurize any journalist in his political career.

According to latest development, Atanu Bhuyan is also suspended from the Board of Directors of NewsLive.

Nevertheless, according to NewsLive’s website, Atanu Bhuyan is still the Editor of NewsLive, and his name is in their official website as Editor-in-Chief and member of Board of Directors. This info can be found at Questions have been raised from various sources that how true is Atanu Bhuyan’s resignation.

Update at 08:00PM, July 19, 2012 After this news, the web desk of NewsLive have removed Atanu Bhuyan’s name from the above said page.

Update at 10:27AM, July 21, 2014 The domain of NewsLive TV has been changed last year. Hence the mention in the news can’t be found in the above URL.

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