The Half and Baked Truth of Gujarat Model – We all most know


“Bring Modi, save the country”- has become the mantra of BJP (read Modi) supporters who have become fascinated by the Vibrant Gujarat model. There are tall claims and big illustrations made in Media about the Gujarat Model, which according to Modi Disciples is the biggest success story of India.

But do we all need the Gujarat Model, as being claimed about so much? How far is it true? Let’s look at just the Tip of the ice berg, which is enough to open our eyes.

No Toilets in Gujarat
In Modi’s Super Developed Gujarat, 67% of rural households have no access to toilets (as per census report of 2011). Modi might have captured the imagination of the modern youth by claiming We need Toilets more than Temples, but it’s a pity that such a high number women and children, old and the young in Rural Gujarat has to defecate in open. An Irony indeed!

Basic Facilities
As per the India Rural Development Report of 2012-13, 20% of Rural Households of the country had none of the three basic facilities, – drinking water, Electricity and Sanitation. Here, Gujarat ranked 15th in terms of providing the three basic facilities. Kerela topped at 71%. None one speaks about the Kerela model though!

Manual Scavenging
This topic raised a big hue and cry last year when Amir Khan Starrer Satyameva Jayate raised the topic of Manual Scavenging in the country. In fact, this inhuman practice is a violation of the 1993 Act that imposes punishment for those employing Manual Scavenging. Alas, in Gujarat Model – Ahmedabad alone has 126 places (Figure as of October 2013 as per a noted NGO Manav Garima) where manual scavenging is practiced under the ambit of the local municipal corporation.

Poverty reduction, least compared to other states
31.8 % of people in Gujarat is below Poverty Line, more than other states such as Kerala (19.7%), Punjab (20.9%), Himachal Pradesh (22.9%), etc. It is interesting to note that percentage of Poverty reduction between 2004 and 2010 was highest in Orissa at 20.2% and the lowest 8.6% in Gujarat! Well, do we talk about the Orissa model?

Agricultural Growth- Ranked 7th
As per the Ministry of Agriculture, in its report State of Indian Agriculture 2012-13 has documented Gujarat ranking 7th in terms of growth in Agriculture during 2007-08 to 2011-12 with only 4.8%! It’s a different matter than another BJP starrer Madhya Pradesh or Chhattisgarh ranked first and second, but none talks about taking the MP model anyway.

Irrigation – Tall claims, no truth. Modi often brags about success of irrigation in his Gujarat model, but only 46% of his state is covered by irrigation and stands at 9th Rank! Punjab with 98% ranks 1st but none talks about the Punjab Model.

Industrial Growth – the half truth
Yes, we agree that a part of Modi’s claim is true,- rate of Industrial Growth of Gujarat increased to 12.65% during 2005-09 compared to 3.95% in 2001-04. But during the same period, undeveloped stated like Orissa jumped up to 17.53%, from 6.4%, Uttarakhand reached 18.84%, etc! But we don’t talk about the Orissa model, do we? In terms of attracting FDI, Maharashtra leads the chart while Gujarat ranks 5th!

In fact during the period of 2010-11 & 2011-12, in terms of Highest Industrial Growth, the top three were achieved by Karnataka, Rajasthan and Goa. Gujarat was amongst the lowest performing states.

Poor Education
According to the “National University of Education Planning & Administration” report, Gujarat has slipped from 12th to 28th position in the primary level and from 8th to 14th rank in upper primary level! Do we need this model too?

Other Indexes

  • Human Index – Gujarat ranks 16th, Kerela ranking 1st.
  • Infant Mortality – Gujarat ranks 18th with 44%. Goa leads the chart.
  • Literacy- Gujarat, with 79.31% Ranks 15th. Kerela leads with 93.91%

When people rejected pseudo Development
When the Tata Nano plant moved into Gujarat, it was showed a symbol of Success of Industrialization of the state. But it must be noted that BJP lost the constituency called Sanand in 2012 elections. It was this place that the plant was set up. Similarly, BJP lost Viramgam where Maruti-Suzuki proposed its manufacturing facility!

Claims taken down by Gujarat Government Website
It has been reported that many of the half-truths of the Gujarat model has been taken down by Gujarat Government website just before the elections so that the wrath and scrutiny of Elections Commission is avoided.

Conclusion: One of the regular readers of Times of Assam recently commented in Facebook stating “Modi is really an honest development messiah, Rahul is really a young visionary and I am really the virgin Salman Khan. Period”! While this was meant as a joke (no offence anyone), we realize that this also probably summarises the level of trust the educated and informed people of India has on its political giants. The level of Trust is Zero or negative. Period.

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The Half and Baked Truth of Gujarat Model – We all most know

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 13 min